Theevandi Movie Review – Audience Response Rating

Theevandi movie review
Theevandi movie review Courtesy: August Cinemas

Theevandi movie review: The Malayalam industry proud moment yet another magical drama political movie casting ‘Tovino Thomas’. After the successful celebration of ‘Maradona‘ Tovino Thomas making his excellence in Malayalam film industry by introducing his career with a political movie experience with the public here by today.

Theevandi‘ a Malayalam movie by debutant Fellini T. P joining August cinemas today in various parts of India and abroad. The movie ‘Theevandi’ made its released over 200 of big cinemas under the banner of ‘August Cinemas’. As it sounds like the team of ‘Theevandi’ were excited to work with Fellini T. P in his first movie. Well, the movie ‘Maradona’ made its post-production, in fact, Tovino Thomas movie as like the rainy season in Kerala with the bunch of Tovino’s movie for this 2018 is a great experience for people out there to make a memory.

Theevandi Movie Review – Audience Response Rating in detail:

The much-awaited Tovino movie brings to us with new and well-known compilation cast and crew. However, for those who new to the film industry, the Vini Vishwa Lal’s creation of Theevandi will decide the future. For those already in the industry, if it brings to figure a better box office collection update, will figure out yet another toss win in their filmography. 😮

Audience Rating and Reviews:

In the busy world, people trust online ticket rather making a rush in front of theaters. Even more, it seems like a rainy season and the August cinemas made the ticket booking for Malayalam movie ‘Theevandi’ a day before as shown in the screenshot.

Theevandi Movie ticket booking online

In order to make people go behind rush; ticket new & just tickets and all made their ticket booking online updated earlier with the help of production team behind Theevandi.

After watching its Teaser and Trailer, people of Kerala judged already how the movie will be. Around thousands of audience already made their voting inside the ticket store regarding the response ” I’m going” for Theevandi. 🙂

Theatrical Response – Theevandi Movie Review:

The movie starts with the aim of a person who changes its attitude as the day goes. As like teenagers, the habit of smoking, teenage love, the spirit of politics will comes to the mind of a person from the lifestyle he/she lives. The same scenario is well executing and natural appearance of Tovino Thomas in ‘Theevandi’ made the audience to figure out this movie a Rating around 4 out of 5. 😮 

Each cast performed well, as a viewer I can say, they were not acting, instead of each actor, actress, and other supporting artists really performing the life with ‘Theevandi’. Tovino was really planning his career with ‘Theevandi’ to another superstar in the Malayalam film industry.

1st half part of the movie talks about the person with life changes as it goes. 2nd half talks about the political aim of the same person to figure his life to make a new challenge before others. Well, the song “Jeevamshamayi Thaane” was really touching each and every one who watched ‘Theevandi’ inside the theater. Thanks to ‘Kailas Menon’ for the excellent voice and excellent lines.

Notable Cast and Crew for Theevandi:

As the movie cast in the appearance of village and town. Such that, there will be a huge cast to be included as you can imagine right. The main noticeable cast of the movie are;

  • Tovino Thomas as Bineesh Damodaran
  • Samyuktha Menon
  • Suraaj Venjarammoodu
  • Shammi Thilakan
  • Surabhi Lakshmi
  • Rajesh Sharma

Thanks to Vini Vishwa Lal for the best script, thanks to Fellini T. P. for making the debut direction to the excellence and great heartful thanks to Gautham Sankar for the excellence in Cinematography.

The logo behind ‘Theevandi’ will make a conclusion after watching this movie. The chain smoker or what we call this kind of attitude persons? I think, the chain smoker called ‘Theevandi’. as the logo made the name in such a style of cigarettes.

Theevandi logo

Does it make ‘Theevandi’ a Box office Collection?

The query to this question is at the hand of the audience. It’s a family entertainer, if you liked it, respond your Theevandi movie review and rating below as in form of comments.