Akshaya AK365 Kerala Lottery Result 17.10.2018 Live Today


Akshaya AK365 lottery results:[Kerala Lottery Result 17.10.2018] Live Kerala Bagyakuri results for the Akshaya 365th chronological draw has been announced. The 60 lakhs winning Kerala lottery draw for the 365th chronological event awaited for the 7 days sale successfully. Recently, AO 844564 found to be the winner of the AK364 of Kerala Akshaya lottery draw. The Akshaya lottery result today made Live announcement for the next Wednesday’s event scheduled on 17th October 2019.

Akshaya AK365 Kerala Lottery Result 17.10.2018 Live Today in detail:

The live streaming declaration of Akshaya lottery for the AK365 event successfully managed at Sree Chitra center. The fact that the results undergone the declaration in the presence of higher officials of Kerala lottery department. The 4 and 6 digit series winning lottery update successfully drawn on the basis of stipulations followed in the pattern winning over Akshaya lotteries 17.10.2018.

Buying a property sounds a big task, well, winning  Kerala Bagaykuri draw is simple and cheaper. The 30 INR and 40 INR tickets are there at any stations and sub dealers also participating to get a high reach for the same. If you participated in winning a Kerala Bagaykuri for the AK365 series, feel free to check your results below.

How to check your Akshaya AK365 Kerala Lottery Result 17.10.2018?

  • Get aside the results downloaded from us for the Akshaya lottery AK365.
  • Cross check the results of Akshaya lottery AK365 with the tickets you were taken.
  • If possible check the lotteries you have collected on AK365 with the bar codes, seals provided on the same.
  • Collect the prize money of 4 or 6 digit winning your were awarded if any.
  • You are done.

Check your results:


Final verdict:

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