Akshaya AK366 Kerala Lottery Result 24.10.2018 Live Today

Akshaya AK366
Akshaya AK366 Courtesy: Quintdaily.com

Akshaya AK366: The notification from Sree Chitra center in concern with the release of Akshaya lottery AK366 has been confirmed. As the number of competitors getting hiked for Kerala lottery draw every single day after the moderation done with the prize money. However, the Akshaya lottery of Wednesday for the AK366 series made the draw not up to as expected. This might be due to the sale of Pooja bumper 2018 as well as even due to Thursday 80 lakh Bagyakuri updated along with it. People are concentrating more on big prizes. Let us discuss more in detail on AK366 draw below.

Akshaya AK366 Kerala Lottery Result 24.10.2018 Live in detail:

The Wednesday draw for the Akshaya lottery for the AK366 series has been finally announced. The ticket sale started for the same AK366 tickets from 17/10/2018 and the 7 days sale done in the best manner. Well, the interruption of Pooja bumper complicated the quick sale and aspirants grabbed the attention of the same as well.

The predictions of Akshaya lottery draw AK366 has been followed at social media. In fact, the aspirants followed the same and collected the Akshaya lotteries of today’s draw is yet another notable fact. As per the update, the AK366 draw made the best draw at Palakkad, Kollam as well as in Trivandrum. Well, the last day sale has been followed an unexpected at the region of Palakkad is yet another notable fact.

How to check your Akshaya AK366 Kerala Lottery Result 24.10.2018?

  • Go through the results updated for Akshaya lottery AK366 series and kept aside for checking today’s update.
  • Make sure that the draw date 24th October matches with the series drawn for the ticket Akshaya AK-366.
  • Cross check the results of AK366 with the newly updated results as given below.
  • You can the copy of the results and share with those who search for the same.
  • Collect the prize money of latest Akshaya Bagaykuri AK366 draw for 4 or 6 digit format.

Check your winning numbers:


Final verdict:

Finalize the summary of Akshaya AK366 for the latest Kerala lottery draw scheduled on 24.10.2018 Live today using the comment box below. Share your detailed query and issue anything happened with the same series can be shared at the below comment box.