Edith Head – Best Costume Designer in History of Oscars


The American costume designer Edith Head awaits for yet another Oscar nominations included with her name if she’s alive. As it sounds Oscar Nominations 2019 is just miles away, the film industry rumors and the predictions are going on very interestingly. In meantime, the Edith Head has been spotted as a continuous costume designer for 8 times is yet another big talk in this industry. Well, the appreciated Oscar 2019 event is reaching an end with an update regarding nominations and all. Let us discuss in detail on the auspicious occasion of Oscar 2019 and who can be yet another Edith Head?

As the award-winning movies and those movies sound touching have been costumed by an American costume designer and won 8-time Oscar is a great thing. Perhaps, the nominations include 5 to 7 members each year and sometimes it might be 10 as well for making a surprise. Edith Head is made a history with her life in the film industry by achieving the best of all time. But now, her absence is really disappointed all the American costume designer and her contribution to the same.

Do you know what’s her contribution made the Oscar awards of all time? Let’s take a look at the same for a reference.

1974 · The Sting
1961 · The Facts of Life
1955 · Sabrina
1954 · Roman Holiday
1952 · A Place in the Sun
1951 · Samson and Delilah
1951 · All About Eve
1950 · The Heiress
The best and notable appearance of that time has been enlisted above. and sounds in 1951 she attained two awards for being the best. The Oscar nominations 2019 for the best designer list has been updated. Do you get any idea regarding who going to be the best as like Edith’s head did? Well, she is really a role model in the film industry with the profession and truth she forwarded into the same. The Oscar winners of all time and the Academy awards still rising with so many achievers in 24 different categories.
Final verdict:
You got any prediction regarding who going to win the best costume designer for this Oscars 2019? Share your view on the same as well as drop your suggestions on Oscars 2019 in the below comment box.