Home Hair Loss Treatment for People in Middle East


Hair Loss Treatment: Men and Women living in Gulf countries always worried about Hair loss right? Here we discussing on Ayurvedic and Allopathic treatment which can be easily done by anyone from home. Hair loss is something for each man and women really like a nightmare. Here I’m sharing my experience on how my hair loss has been thrown away and sharing my experience with you here.

You might have concluded this article by promoting some products with this article. Well, its truly a rubbish thought if you might think so. Because I’m only the one sharing this treatment experience and how it is done. This is not regarding any nutrition secrets or tips to increase hair growth. It’s an experience case study on how hair loss treatment has been done from home.

Home Hair Loss Treatment Case Study:

The era of Hair transplantation and hair routing dominated the mind of each people in this beautiful world. So, we seek various Hair fixing agents and loses our money. The treatment regarding hair loss which I’m going to detail in step by step is cheap and everybody can do it in your home. Perhaps, you have to do nothing. Just need to do some changes in your routine.

For those who live in middle eastern countries, most commonly experience this kind of hair loss. Here, people have no time to care their hair while running behind money and later the money you earned will loose in form of hair fixing treatments. 🙁 What you have to do is change something that commonly found in your routine. The things you need to take some moderation are as follows below for starting the hair loss treatment process.

  • Shampoo you were using: 

Shampoo acts as a main role in hair loss. People like who got less knowledge says shampoo will break our hair while if we use daily. In my opinion, that shampoos which contain fewer sulfates are recommended to use daily. However, while concluding with a shampoo with less sulfate may sometimes match for your hair effected with hair break, hair loss or even with dandruff. I made a test over 15+ shampoo in my hair itself and concluded with 2 of them felts like the best. Well, before applying shampoo, we must note whether the oils that we are using also capable to apply for our hair.

  • Hair Oil you were using:

While using a hair oil, please I recommend you to use the same brand or the same ingredients. You can replace the shampoos depends on its quality, perhaps if you change oils continuously, it is not good for your hair follicles. However, the hair growth doesn’t depend oh hair oils we use, only act as a protector for fast moving or what to say, to act as to possess good while combing your hair.

Now, you might be confused on how hair oils and shampoos relate with your hair loss right? 

Never start a treatment for example what we talking about hair loss treatment. As I said, choosing a right shampoo and right oil made my hair loss to zero percentage. Take a look on to the images and explanations. In the first image of Earthi shampoo and Neelabringadi Hair oil from Kottakal Ayurveda shala combination finally made a conclusion to use in the hard water of the middle east.

As I’m living in Deira(UAE) and working here for about 1.5 years. I’m very much conscious about my hair and after a year, I’m really depressed with hard water I’m using to clean my hair and all. Even my roommates and my friends and their relatives also got sick with the same issue at other part living in Sharjah as well as in Dubai.

During the first vacation to my home, I come across with shampoo test and around tried 15 different shampoo’s in around 3 days intervals. My mom recommended using these oil. While I used the Neelabringadi oil during December season and felt like it affected with cold and I have gone with testing Shampoos with Kayyanadi oil. Well, if you smell the oil of Neelabringadi and Kayyanadi, you won’t be interesting, because of both the oils to placed inside the room with less vapor content and less sunlight.

In the test of Dove shampoo, Clinic All clear, Head and Shoulder, Dheedhi, Dhatri, Earthi, and etc… other 10+ shampoos concluded with me to go with Earthi shampoo found the best for my hair with the oils I recommended. This was just the begining of hair loss treatment i opted.

Hair loss treatment products
Combination 1 – Earthi Shampoo and Neelabringadi

I taken 2 each bottle of Oil each and 2 bottles of Earthi shampoo, I ordered via Amazon to use in the hard water of middle east where I’m staying. This shampoo cost around 25AED online and the oil sounds like 10AED. As in from Kerala, I don’t know whether it’s available online. however, if you see in the online, make sure that the oil contains green color shouldn’t buy and opt the oil with the black color of both.

I didn’t come up with a conclusion and I started focussing the combination 1 and combination 2 from Dubai. Well, I amazed to see that my hair loss has been 99% dropped and I want to make sure that how 100% hair loss treatment to get done.

So, bring the combination 1: not to use in cold seasons and used combination 2 in the winter. Moreover, I made one more trick of using cold water not chilled water. During the nights, I used to keep one bucket of water and used to clean my hair only using that water which drains the chlorine content and using 3/4 of that cold water only. This is the real trick I used to figure out 100% and also followed the below points.

Combination 1 shouldn’t be recommended to see if you are facing cold or head aches, well, the combination 1 has got many advatage in my case. So, that, using th oil and shampoo and other updates in night bathing are recommended than the morning bath.

Hair loss treatment products
Combination 2 – Earthi Shampoo and Kayyanadi
  • Comb you were using:

While using a comb, if you are women or even men, use only the comb with maximum teeth length and if you were in a rush with the job, using tight teeth length of the comp will break ur root easily.

  • Food:

As I can imagine, the routine of food can’t be followed properly while if you are a busy man or women who stay in the middle east. But I can assure you that, the breakfast, as well as the dinner, got some role in helping hair loss. If you avoid breakfast and go for the job early in the morning, the chances of Ulcer are getting to affect you at a higher rate. The medicines you follow in that case will become the reason for hair loss.

Even though, the heavy dinner meal especially that fatty food on taking during dinner time should be controlled. Higher the fat content will minimize the vitamin content that helps and nourishes your hair growth. A big meal in the breakfast and half meal in the dinner time is most recommended and surely helps to increase the sugar level and stamina and thus retains a fresh morning every day. If you like this simple hair loss treatment. feel free to share with your loved ones.

Final verdict:

I recommend you not to touch the soap while using this treatment and even if you might disturbs the hair like dandruff issues, try not to use the treatment process in the morning session. Even though hair massage once in a week increase the blood flow in your head and releases oxygen level, thus however, the hair treatment process will start making a positive signal for you.