Nirmal NR89 Kerala Lottery Result 5.10.2018 Live Today


Nirmal NR89: The winning number NH 701792 during the previous weekend made the Malappuram region so much excited with Kerala lotteries. Well, during the last week, only for the Kerala lottery draw updated on Friday won the Malappuram region. Mostly the ticket awarded the winners from Thrissur and thus the sale mostly considered this weekend for the Thrissur region. Does this weekend surprise again the same effect for the Nirmal Bagyakuri draw.

Nirmal NR89 Kerala Lottery Result 5.10.2018 in detail:

The Tuesday and Wednesday draw for the Kerala lottery draw been postponed to next week and the successful draw for Thursday has been announced. As the Nirmal lottery ticket for the NR89 meantime made a big sale this weekend. Perhaps, this seems like the first Nirmal Bagyakuri on this October 2018.

Basically, some crazy lottery sale updated during the weekend for the Nirmal Bagaykuries. Well, the booklets of NR89 tickets also sold out via some big agencies before the aspirants and sounds that’s sounds much crazy right. You can follow up the below key points for checking NR89 lotteries and also if you are new while checking the Kerala lottery ticket draw.

How to check your Nirmal NR89 Kerala Lottery Result 5.10.2018?

Before proceeding with checking the Kerala lottery result for the NR80 series, make sure that the ticket you were holding is fake or not. Go to the steps and follow the result updated for Nirmal lottery result.

  • Get your lottery ticket NR89 aside.
  • You can download into a paper or in a notepad, the Nirmal lottery result NR89 updated by the Quintdaily team.
  • Follow the 4 and 6 digit series of Nirmal lottery NR89 with the tickets you were holding.
  • Make sure that prize money of Nirmal lottery NR89 series follows the 4 and 6 digits with separate 1 to 8 prizes.
  • Confirm the results twice and thrice and also make sure that lottery ticket NR89 follows is genuine or not.
  • You are done.

Check your winning numbers:


Final verdict:

The genuine queries in concern with the Nirmal NR89 series for the latest updated Kerala lottery result scheduled on 5.10.2018, feel free to ask us. The comment box will be opened