Pournami RN360 Kerala Lottery Result 7.10.2018 Live Today


Pournami RN360: The first draw in the month of October 2018 has been proudly announced the state of Kerala lottery department. This Pournami lottery ticket series RN-360 figured the prizes from 70 lakhs to 100INR and also in between 1 to 8 prizes, you should make sure about consolation numbers also. The subseries lose the winner of the 1st prize will be moved to a consolation winner and sounds lower than the second prize. The Pournami draw in this October 2018 isn’t made any moderation in the prize money or the stipulation following the terms of service. Who won the RN360? Let’s take a look.

Pournami RN360 Kerala Lottery Result 7.10.2018 in detail:

In the recent draw, the number RK 143024 has been won the series updated for the last draw for the September 2018 under Pournami tickets. Well, the 360th chronological Pournami lotteries made best ever sale than 1st week of September while comparing with the 1st week of October 2018.

Most promisingly the best ever sale for the RN updated as predicted for the same Thrissur region itself. Apparently, the sale expectation has gone beyond and the Kerala lottery department is proud to announce the winners as scheduled. Have you included in the current draw of Pournami Bagyakuri? Take a look on to the winning numbers and make a judgment with the Pournami lottery RN360.

How to check your Pournami RN360 Kerala Lottery Result 7.10.2018?

  • Go through the barcode scanning if you need to clarify the Pournami lottery ticket RN360 you are holding is genuine or not.
  • Go through the updated Pournami RN-360 results by the Quintdaily team in terms of latest Kerala lottery result.
  • Cross check the series RN360 of Pournami Bagyakuri matches the draw date 7.10.2018.
  • Go through every 4 and 6 digits winning numbers updated for the RN360 Pournami lotteries.
  • You are done. The prize money of RN360 Pournami lottery result can be updated via nearby agencies for your all needs.

Check your winning numbers:


Final verdict:

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