Karunya Plus KN237 Kerala Lottery Result 1.11.2018 Live Today


Karunya Plus KN237: The streaming notification in terms of official Kerala lottery draw for the Kerala lottery result 1.11.2018 announced. As it sounds like a Kerala Piravi day and also 1st draw in the month of 2018. Each and every single Keralite will believe if today wins a luck, then it will stay forever in this year. During the last draw of KN236 series, the number PA 606751 remarked an opportunity of Palakkad region. Thus the sale for the KN237 series for this Thursday gone hike with a big impact. Does Palakkad get any hope of being the winner again in the Karunya plus lottery draw? Let us see more in concern with the KN237 below.

Karunya Plus KN237 Kerala Lottery Result 1.11.2018 Live Today in detail:

The Karunya plus draw of Thursday which awards the 1st winner with 80 lakh updates that join on Kerala Piravi day 2018. Everyone is excited to know the results of Karunya plus lottery KN237, in which who won the 80 lakh Bagyakuri. How many tickets you have collected for Karunya Bagyakuri KN237? 1, 2 or more. 🙂 Anyhow and whatever the number of tickets you have collected, if you purchase a ticket, if you have luck, it will bless you. Let us see the procedure followed and the stipulation followed in and out by the Karunya lottery ticket from the results updated on 1.11.2018.

How to check your Karunya Plus KN237 Kerala Lottery Result 1.11.2018 Live Today?

  • Go through the tickets followed for Karunya lottery on November 1st, 2018.
  • Clarify the KN237 series with the draw date mentioned on Kerala Piravi day, .i.e., on 1.11.2018.
  • Confirm the updated results of Karunya lottery KN237 with the ticket you have been collected from the lottery department.
  • The winning prize of 4 and 6 digits in the tickets of KN237 you were holding, can be shared with the lottery department as per conditions apply.
  • You are done.

Check your winning numbers:


Final verdict:

If you need to follow up with any sort of queries, feel free to update the same for KN237 series in concern at the comment box. Got any complaints and more regarding Karunya KN237, make use of the toll-free number for the instant updates.