Kuwait Flood Warns all Important Programs

Kuwait Flood
Kuwait Flood Courtesy: Quintdaily.com

Kuwait Flood: Kuwait government bodies have been mobilized amidst heavy rainfall in the country Friday evening, fully prepared to help either people stranded, make traffic as smooth as possible to offering medical assistance. Well, it seems like the government and the private sector initiate cancellation to all important programs. Authorities also closed schools in some parts of the country including most promising cities as flash flooding was recorded in several parts. The current situation sounds like all doors of the airline will shut or not. But there aren’t any reports announced like people to move from the city to their home on the basis of this occasion.

Kuwait Flood Warns all Important Programs

The army and national guard were mobilized to help clear water from critical facilities and roadways and the Kuwait Oil Company announced a state of emergency, KUNA reported. Forecasters of the country already warned on Wednesday that the current extreme weather situation will continue over the weekend. In fact, the officials urged motorists to have become more cautious when driving on the roads. In this regard, the Interior Ministry urged both citizens and expatriates to be cautious enough amid showers hitting the country.

The water level over the crossroads and the people were getting moved to a secured place with the help of authorities in a quick span of time. Ministry Undersecretary Dr. Mustafa Redha said doctors, nursing staff and paramedics were doing their best to deal with the aftermath of heavy rainfall. It added in a statement team was ready to help remove rainwater in residential areas and major roads, in addition to removing falling trees and large quantities of sand.

Supreme Kuwait’s deputy prime minister also stated in his speech and fired the country’s roads and transport head and however the after bad weather brought parts of the Kuwaiti country to a standstill. No deaths or injuries were reported and that sounds a big relief for their relatives outside the country. The level of water in major areas started dropping, but the showering continuous in most part of the cities. Thus that doesn’t sound like a Kuwait flood isn’t stopped and get back to the work.