Win Win W490 Kerala Lottery Result 10.12.2018 Live Today


Win Win W490: Kerala lottery department proudly announced W490 results as per stipulations followed. The Kerala lottery result 10.12.2018 follows the 490th chronological lottery draw for Win-Win lotteries. Kerala lottery department proud movement for the Monday’s win-win lotteries is getting to their 500 series update soon. However, the official results for the W-490 in the format of 4 and 6 digits and also subseries managed in the consolation prizes. Who won the W-490 series prize money of 65 lakhs? Let us discuss more regarding the win-win lottery result W489 today in detail here.

Win Win W490 Kerala Lottery Result 10.12.2018 Live Today

The Kerala lottery ticket scheduled on Monday’s draw for winning 65 lakhs Bagayuri result announced has been successful. Perhaps, considering the sale of W490 tickets, dealers inclusion were much appreciated one.  The 7 days sale for W490 tickets started as on 03.12.2018 and done by today. Do you know that your number included in the prize money list of W490 results?

For the recent winning of the win-win lottery, the 489th chronological draw was taken away by Wayanad district. However, considering the sale and winning of Wayanad region in the month of December 2018 sounds a big deal. Is that WV 225585 again strike the region of Wayanad in concern with the Kerala lotteries of Monday’s draw? Let us discuss with the updated results below.

How to check your Win Win W490 Kerala Lottery Result 10.12.2018 Live Today?

  • Go to the tickets of win-win lottery W489 draw for Monday lottery scheduled on 10.12.2018.
  • Cross check the series W490 matches with the draw scheduled date as on 10.12.2018.
  • Finalize the downloaded results of the win-win lottery W489  with the tickets you have collected from the store.
  • Prize money collected in terms of remarks of 4 and 6 digits won by each ticket you were collected for 10.12.2018 draw.
  • You are done.

Check your results:


Final verdict:

If anything to ask on Win Win W490 series for the Kerala lottery result scheduled 10.12.2018 Live today, feel free to use the comment box below. Even if any doubts regarding last win-win lottery results, please ask us through the contact form for more.