KSEB Free Solar Panel Registration 2019 – SOURA Project

KSEB Free Solar Panel Registration 2019
KSEB Free Solar Panel Registration 2019 Courtesy: Quintdaily.com

KSEB Free Solar Panel Registration 2019 has been started successfully all over Kerala. As there were 40000 of people registered till now for the Kerala state electricity board in terms of Zero investment solar panel SOURA Project. As a part of this project, both the consumer and KSEB get some benefits. Even though, by establishing this Solar panel at your home or office anywhere, KSEB put forward some stipulation on the basis of this scheme. Perhaps, the registration sounds a unique, as the process will be done on the basis of original consumer number updated by the KSEB board with the individual/enterprise.

KSEB Free Solar Panel Registration 2019 – SOURA Project in detail:

The Online registration for KSEB SOURA Solar panel project has been started in the month of January 2019. As the registration sounds 1 month only and a couple more days to finish the project from now. It’s a 2-minute registration, just want to follow some simple step forwarded by KSEB for all the people who are a part of KSEB till today.

Let us see some pictographic representation, it will get you more idea along with the key points we hare below will help you in the registration process easier. The below step by step procedure will let you know whether you are one among the member of this Soura project 2019.

Steps to be followed for KSEB Free Solar Panel Registration 2019:

Step: 1

  • Go to the portal sourakseb.in
  • The homepage will be opened and at the top left of the page, you can see as shown below.

solar project kseb

  • You will see an “APPLY” button at the left sidebar.
  • Click on that. You will be redirected to the first page of registration.
  • The page will be opened be as shown below.

Step – 2

soura registration 2019

  • Once you click for the registration, the page open will let you allow the “New Registration” as well as “Edit already submit request” till Jan 31.
  • Once you click on the Register button, you can see some blank columns to be filled by the consumer, which is you.

Step -3:

soura registration

  1. The first column is Consumer Number: The number you can in the receipt of Electricity bill which provided after the successful payment. You can see a 13 digit number as mentioned the consumer number in the electricity bill receipt.
  2. Mobile Number: Enter the current holding mobile number to make sure that you are human, An OTP will be sent by the panel and you have to fill it in the page once you enter the Submit button.
  3. The Submit button only proceeds, if you make a successful OTP as provided in the concerned number which you’ve given.
  4. If you find any mistakes, you can Reset the same as well and re-enter it.
  5. Once you press the Submit button, the new window will help you to make sure whether you are the right person. As the consumer number will be validated in the newly opened page.
  6. The details on the page will reflect the registered consumer person’s details with KSEB.
  7. You can fill out the details left as shown in the below images if you got any doubts, a customer help number will be scrolling at the official page will let you know what to do next.

Step – 4 

soura registration 2019

  • The Basic detail column is for you to check whether the details provided already with the KSEB is true or not.
  • However, the solar plant details have to select on the basis of your interest.
  • The Scheme reference can be seen above the given page.
  • The Capacity 1KW for 100 Sq.m ratios you can update as mentioned in the image.
  • The proposed date of installation will be updated shortly and the board member will visit your home/office and check whether the necessities what you updated needs any correction or not.
  • You are done. Click “Submit button
  • You can check your status by calling the toll free no.


There is no hidden cost or anything. It’s completely free. Only you have to follow up some stipulation from KSEB

Final verdict:

If you got any doubts regarding KSEB Free Solar Panel Registration 2019, you can ask us any queries regarding the same in the comment box. We will update you accordingly.