Nirmal NR 102 Kerala Lottery Result 4.1.2019 Live Today


Nirmal NR 102: Lottery department of Kerala officially announced NR102 series Friday lottery results online. The 60 lakhs winning Kerala Bagyakuri on Friday unveiled their 102nd chronological update Live from East fort center. The number NW 374777 won during last week of December and the last draw in the year 2018 made Kozhikode region worth. However, 2019 will be blessed with someone on the Nirmal chronological 1st draw of this season has been happened today. Do you know who won the Nirmal NR102 lottery ticket? Let us check in detail on Nirmal lottery result for the NR102 series here below.

Nirmal NR 102 Kerala Lottery Result 4.1.2019 Live Today

NW 374777 really motivated the aspirants of many out there by 2019 in Kerala. Well, in the statics report tell that the January season begins with the lowest graph as of now in the number of tickets attention made by the public in concern. The awesome sale of 7 days for the Nirmal lottery NR102 made a visual delicacy with the public.

As the people from different part of India also collected the Nirmal NR102 tickets during the 7 days sale. Whereas, the impact produced sounds a great one and the opportunity with the public has been increased. The stipulations followed by the 102nd chronological draw of Nirmal Bagyakuri followed the same as like in the previous update. The more steps to check the lottery result online has been pointed below. For reference, w.r.t NR 102 can be checked or follow the same.

How to check your Nirmal NR 102 Kerala Lottery Result 4.1.2019 Live Today?

  • Go through the reports of NR102 updated for today winning 60 lakhs Bagyakuri update.
  • Cross check the series NR 102 matches with the scheduled draw 4th January 2019.
  • Confirm the results of NR102 in 4 or 6 digits and clarify the results of 4.1.19 updated by the Kerala state lotteries.
  • The prize money of Nirmal lottery ticket NR102 can be collected as scheduled by the government of Kerala state lotteries.
  • You are done.

Check your results:


Final verdict:

Got any concerns on Nirmal NR 102 w.r.t Kerala lottery draw scheduled on 4.1.2019 Live today, feel free to ask here in detail. The comment box of Nirmal NR102 draw will be opened for you. If any clarification regarding the last 30 days update of Kerala lottery draws from 6th December 2018 to till today, feel free to ask in the respective update.