Nirmal NR 103 Kerala Lottery Result 11.1.2019 Live Today

Nirmal NR 103
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Nirmal NR 103: Kerala lottery department officially declared the 103rd chronological Kerala Bagyakuri draw Online. The biggest challenge of Kerala lottery faced for this ticket due to all India strike really affected the sale for this draw at a higher rate. In some stations, there were still the tickets to be for sale. However, the dealers got disappointed as a part of the deal forwarded for Nirmal lottery ticket this week. Whereas, the Saturday Karunya lottery happened with its sale gone faster due to highest prizes reported. Let us see more in detail on NR103 ticket results updated for today.

Nirmal NR 103 Kerala Lottery Result 11.1.2019 Live Today

Last week winning number NE 627986 really boosted the sale at the district of Palakkad during the weekend of January. However, the sale of NR103 not up to the mark as expected. The Nirmal lottery result for the NR103 can be here on this page. As we updated the results for the NR103 Nirmal Bagyakuri with the detail region along with the 6 digit and 4 digits without.

The sale happened from 4th January 2019 till today 9 (11.1.2019) sounds great. Even though, if you collected as many tickets of NR103 or not, the procedure of checking the results online sounds the same. You can follow up the simple steps given below for checking the Nirmal lottery result for the NR103 online.

How to check your Nirmal NR 103 Kerala Lottery Result 11.1.2019 Live Today?

  • Go to the tickets followed today for yet another Friday Nirmal lottery tickets as on 11.1.2019.
  • Cross check the series NR103 matches with the draw date 11.1.2019.
  • Confirm the results of NR-103 and make sure the results in 4 and 6 digit series matches with your Nirmal Bagyakuri ticket.
  • The prize money of Rs. 60 Lakhs to 100INR of NR103 can be collected on the basis of the results matched with your ticket.
  • You are done.

Check your results:


Final verdict:

If you got anything special to ask regarding the draw scheduled on 11.1.2019 with respect to the Nirmal NR 103 Bagyakuri, feel free to share the concern with us below. Last 30 draws of Kerala lottery and the 3 draws of Nirmal Bagyakuri queries can be asked accordingly with the post we updated here on our network.