Akshaya AK 381 Kerala Lottery Result 6.2.2019 Live Today


Akshaya AK 381: The successful lottery result draw has been announced for the Kerala lottery ticket AK381. The 60 lakhs winning Kerala Bagyakuri followed all the stipulations for AK381 as per updated by the Kerala state lotteries. The winning numbers of AK-381 Kerala lottery ticket managed lakhs of aspirants for the 7-day sale. As the sale started from 30/01/2019 and come to an end by today 6.2.2019. The lottery result of Akshaya series of Wednesday today successful met with the release of results from Sree Chitra centre. Let us take a look into in detail on AK 381 Kerala Lottery Result drawn today for the scheduled on 6th February 2019.

Akshaya AK 381 Kerala Lottery Result 6.2.2019 Live Today in detail:

The last day sale was probably reflected at its best in the regions such as Alappuzha, Kollam and this might be the effect of this week draw really impact these regions at a higher rate. However, the AV 923940 number met to be awesome during the previous week for the Akshaya Bagykuri made a brilliant sale at Kollam district and nearby districts at the higher rate. Do you know who won the Akshaya lottery ticket AK381?

The consideration sale for the AK381 ticket touched all part of Kerala state in an equal manner. Due to a large number of lottery lovers, in some districts, the sale went at its peak and some lowered the same as well. Even the Akshaya lottery AK 381 touched the Non-Keralites also at a higher rate is yet another notable fact. Let see the results of AK381 and make sure we got any special to come true in the upcoming days.

Check your results:


How to your Akshaya AK 381 Kerala Lottery Result 6.2.2019 Live Today?

  • Go through the tickets of AK381 you have collected for the 6th Feb 2019 draw.
  • Cross check the winning numbers downloaded for the AK381 series.
  • Finalize the results formatted for AK 381 in such a manner of 4 and 6 digits.
  • Cross check the results of AK-381 with the tickets you followed for the 6th February 2019 draw.
  • Make sure you have been collected the winning money of AK381 series as per updated from Sree Chitra auditorium.
  • You are done.

Final verdict:

If you want to share anything related to Akshaya AK 381 Kerala lottery draw scheduled on the February 2019, feel free to share the same in the comment box. Even though, the queries on last 3 updates of AK-380, AK-379, as well as AK378, have welcomed w.r.t the updates we followed.