Happy Vishu Images

Happy Vishu Images 2019
Happy Vishu Images 2019, Courtesy, Quintdaily.com

Happy Vishu Images 2019: As we all know after Onam the most celebrated festival for Malayalis is Vishu the new year as per the Malayalam Calendar. It is observed on the first day of Medam, the first month in the Malayalam Calendar. Vishu 2019 falls on April 15th and every Malayali is busy preparing for the same. There is a beautiful custom like Vishukani during the dawn of the day where the elder one of the family sets a beautiful sight of their Lord Krishna and some beautiful flowers and vegetables etc and see it during the break of the light on the day of Vishu. Once the elder one has seen it they take each member to the Vishukani closing their eyes and opens it in front of the Kani and lets them see it.

A Glance to Vishu 2019 and Happy Vishu Images 2019

It is to symbolize that let this year be as good as this first sight of the day. Next to beautiful and cute custom is that you get Vishukaineetam on the same day and that is some money, it can be a rupee or above that also and children and adults are equally excited for the same.

It is a fun celebration as it will be a get together of families, friends, and relatives for the Vishu Sadhya and its preparations. You have several kinds of dishes for the Sadhya like Aviyal, Thoran, Pachadi, Kootcurry, etc. and that is one of a kind treat during the Vishu lunch. It is so mesmerizing to see that the entire nature gets ready for Vishu by blooming Vishu Konna everywhere and that vibrant color of yellow in the summer is quite a treat to the eyes.

Happy Vishu Images 2019

Happy Vishu Images 2019 Happy Vishu Images 2019 Happy Vishu Images 2019 Happy Vishu Images 2019 Happy Vishu Images 2019

We just wonder how it just keeps blooming the right time of Vishu, but nature has its own timings by God and all can just enjoy it rather than keep wondering. Wishing everyone a prosperous Vishu. May this year turn out to be a pleasant one for everyone.