How Indian Election Results 2019 Impact Upcoming 5 Years?


Election Results 2019: When the exam fevers subsided it is the election fever that has got the summer heat higher. Yes, the Election 2019 is around the corner and no one can miss any updates right now at any cost. Because every single step is crucial until the elections are over. The parties, the candidates, their promises like that everything related to them is being closely watched by the people of India. When BJP is trying to get votes with their agenda of slight development mostly racism. Congress has been trying to get votes by projecting their promises to the lower class.

How Indian Election Results 2019 Impact Upcoming 5 years

In this context, let’s just have a sneak peek to the elections held in 2014. Then the votes were driven by the youth while the seasoned voters went a bit slow. It was scams all over that it greatly affected the ruling party then and they preferred to have a change in the whole system. That’s why we can say that that election was mainly to choose a leader rather than a party. But coincidentally what we can see now also is that the youth is focused on the leader rather than the party. Well, they believe that only good leadership can bring changes for the better.

However, if the people were done with scam during the Congress ruling period now people are done with the various lynchings and violence due to racism. The minorities have been facing a tough time during the Narendra Modi rule. The irony is that the promises are still maintained as words and nothing in practical and people are busy holding their cast higher diverting from the real problems. In short, if the people try for a change in the ruling system now may be the mask of racism will fall off.  Even though the real problems will see light and get resolved, may not be complete but partially. At least we can hope it will have visibility.

Prediction on BJP vs Congress  – Who wins?

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Final Verdict:

It’s in the hand of the public, whether whose rule will create a big development in India. Also, whose rule will be more comfortable to live in India. Share your concerns about the Indian Election 2019 in the below comment box.