Jersey Movie Review Telugu Nani Jersey Audience Review


Jersey Movie Review: To start with Jersey movie review, it is a must to say that its musical album is just mind-blowing. Whoever is out of the theatre will have that music lingering in their mind and it is not easy to get out of it. Hats off to the young talented musician Anirudh for creating such beautiful music for the movie which just takes the movie a step higher. Now moving on to the storyline, it is basically a fictional drama starring Nani and Shradha Srinath in lead roles. Jersey movie tells really the life of a cricketer in the past and the present and what it happens in the future. Let us check the Audience response and the latest reviews put forwarded regarding the Telugu and Tamil dubbed movie Jersey.

Jersey Movie Review Telugu Nani Jersey Audience Review in detail:

When we see the movie we will feel that it is a biopic of some cricketer. There has been a rumor that it is based on the real life of the cricketer, Raman Lamba. But till now none from the movie has confirmed the same. If it is or not the movie just depicts the life of a cricketer and it has been portrayed beautifully by every member who has worked on the movie. To specially mention, the director’s role in this movie is commendable as he has taken the movie in a completely different and thrilling way that every cricket lover would love the movie. It is definitely an entertainer for a non-cricketer or cricket lovers because the movie is treated so. It is mainly intended to inspire despite the game backdrop.

Other members in the cast include Sathyaraj, Sampath Raj, Brahmaji, Subbaraju as well as Ronit Kamra who play pivotal roles and does justice to their roles at the maximum. Nani also has tried his best to do justice to his role of a cricketer. It is not easy to portray a cricketer and definitely, he has put a lot of effort to make it as convincible as possible and we should say that he has succeeded in the same.

Final verdict:

Jersey is definitely a one-time watch entertainer movie and it would have an average or above box office collection. For more news and information on Telugu movie Jersey and the latest audience updated Jersey Movie Review will soon catch up on this network.