Devaraattam Tamil Movie Review Audience Response Rating


Devaraattam Tamil Movie Review: Deveraattam is a Tamil movie and as Tamil movies are known for its mass action movies, this movie is one of the action movies that Tamil cinema has produced. It is an interesting plot which is written by M.Mutaiah. Have to mention his tremendous caliber of writing such a script which made the direction by the same easy. The movie is produced by K. E. Gnanavel Raja via Studio green production company. As the Devaraattam trailer and teaser sound fabulous and most of the audience expectation was beyond the limit. The theatrical response sounds an impressive one and it will really break the Day 1 box office collection.

Devaraattam Tamil Movie Review Audience Response Rating:

The star cast includes Gautham Karthik and the rising talent, the beautiful Manjima Mohan in lead roles. They have done a great job like their previous movies and the characters are very relatable as well for the audience. The movie has a beautiful music score which needs to be mentioned and the audio song release has already been done. Well, there a large crew behind Devaraattam Tamil movie, in fact, to get the Devaraattam movie review an outstanding, each and every got a role behind the same.

This beautiful music score is done by Nivas K. Prasanna. The other star cast includes Akalya Venkatesan, Ramdoss, Bose Venkat, Rajkiran, Jagapathi Babu as well as Rahul Dev and also Singampuli, etc. who have really played their roles well which adds to the success of the movie. It is said that when a star cast of the movie is done right, half of the movie is done right. Same goes for Devaraattam. The star cast was done right and therefore the movie could connect with the audience better.

Rating: 3.5/5*

Final verdict:

The movie is definitely going to have an above average box office collection and would have medium criticism from the critics. For those who want to see an entertainer action movie then Devaraattam is definitely a movie for you to watch. So book your tickets this weekend for Devaraattam and enjoy the movie.