Top 5 Famous Sports in Europe You Should Know


Famous Sports in Europe: Europeans are known to be lovers or admirers of games since the eras. The history of Olympic is proof of that. Sports have had a significant influence on the European’s development in civilization and culture. People are like to entertain themselves with sports games. So, with the passage of time, highly-competitive organized Sports Games are famous for people young to old age. After some time, Europe has built up itself as a powerful qualified sports quiz country in world competitions.

European competitors train with most extreme order to become world-class contestants who are challenging to beat in their fields of specialization. They become proficient players who make sports career as well as a living. For them, sports have come to be synonymous to fun, popularity, and fortune.

Famous Sports in Europe:

The following is a list of most famous sports games that draw the entire hearted consideration of Europeans and players alike.


SnowboardingFirst known as a surfer, this game looks especially like skateboarding without the wheels. This adrenaline adventure has turned into a World Cup and an Olympic game with a large number of youthful buffs spouting down the icy grades. Snowboarding made chaos in games as well as in music and style in Europe starting in the late ’80s after a world cup competition was held each in Switzerland and Italy.


CricketCricket, a bat-and-ball game, has been built up in the eighteenth century as England’s national game. Cricket matches are held in Europe and game principles and organizations have been changed a few times over. It is a popular game in those days. Cricket matches are as yet being played nowadays in all over the world. It became the most favorite worldwide game and people of all ages likes to play cricket.


Skiing has played in the snowy zones and it has become a most played worldwide game. This can be played just in the winter season. The settings of lifts made the game more entertaining and cool in winter. It is the most enjoyable activity for the skiers in the winter season. This is a popular winter sports game in the US and Europe.


Ice HockeyAnother well-known winter sport in Europe and the United States is the Ice Hockey, a stick-and-ball game that represents a ton of wounds to players as it does of fun. Played on a hockey field, ice hockey is known as the quickest game on the planet. It is included in the list of games in Winter Olympics just as in the Summer Olympics. In Europe, there was the European Trophy (presently out of date), and there is the Champions Hockey League, a competition to which hockey devotees run to watch hockey players in the adrenaline-imbued activity.


HandballHandball looks practically like soccer, the ball is being passed by hand from player to player to the goal as opposed to getting kicked. It is a famous game in all parts of Europe. Germany aware the game with Olympics when it hosted the sports games in mid-1936, and after that again in 1972 in Munich, it turned into an official part in the list of Olympic indoor sports games.

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