Important And Promising Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer


In order to capture the grandeur of Indian weddings, it becomes really important to give a proper thought when deciding on the photographer you are hiring. Photographs are not just a way to capture the moment but also to capture the emotions of the people in it. According to us, anyone with a decent quality of camera in his hand can be a photographer but in order to capture something that immediately connects to the viewer is something that requires some skills that only some may possess.

So, there is a need for you to select someone who actually understands your needs and then carry out the work to the best of his abilities. This makes it really important for you to give a proper thought when selecting from the best photographers and to make things easier we have compiled a list of questions to ask the Top Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh that’ll surely help you decide on someone who’ll help cater to your needs.

What style of photography does he specialize in?

The first and the most important question that you must ask the wedding photographer is his specialization in photography. Some photographers are really good at clicking candid images, some are good in portraits, others in landscapes and nature photography. So, among these, you’ll have to look for someone who is great in clicking wedding photographs as he’ll have the proper knowledge of the camera angles and the lighting that’ll make the shots look aesthetically pleasing.
Wedding Photography

How many associates will be accompanying him?

Covering an Indian Wedding which has various rituals and ceremonies that take place consecutively is not a task for a single person. He’ll need at least a team of 2-3 second shooters who can cover more ground and will get new perspectives of the major moments. This may cost you a bit extra but in the end, will prove to be a real asset.

How many hours of coverage? What are the overtime prices?

Various photographers have some customized packages based on the time that they’ll be committing to photographing your wedding. It’ll be best to inquire about their overtime prices as well as it will give you the idea of how much will the whole coverage cost and plan the hours accordingly. If you are in doubt that the package you are fixated on will be enough, then it is better to select a higher package upfront than opting for the overtime later.

What all things are included in the package?

When comparing the fees of different wedding photographers that you have shortlisted, it becomes really important to take a look at all the package inclusions and exclusions. Just some additions or subtraction of some services from the package can significantly alter the costs. You can ask them to include some black and white shots as well, as they look amazing, and can also ask them that if the photographs will be retouched and color balanced. Experience the best wedding ads shoot services with the Licensed company along with highly skilled wedding planners for making the event special.

How long after the wedding will you be able to see the photographs?

It is quite obvious that the wedding photographer will be taking more than a thousand clicks on the day on the wedding itself. So you can understand that selecting the final images of all the different ceremonies will take a lot of time. It is very much a possibility that the delivering time of the images may easily be well over a month as each of those will have to go through post-production and editing process as well.

Asking the above-mentioned questions to the photographers will ensure that everything is covered and you’ll get only the best of the services that are available in the market. Wedding photographs are a way to capture the important parts of your wedding that can be revisited again and again to reminisce about the good old days. These images will be something that’ll be seen by generations to come and this makes it really important to showcase them in their full glory.