Movie Marketing: How Hollywood is using the power of Instagram


Promotions and marketing of movies is a vital thing in the release process. There are many parties to take the credit once the movie is a big hit, however; the complete blame is put on the marketing team when the things do not go well. This thing is now eradicated to a large extent by taking the marketing campaigns on Instagram. Instagram is a huge platform and everything goes viral if it has quality. Many marketers develop the best type of idea and then take it to the general public in a way that everyone becomes its fan. Some of the best techniques and movie examples are shown in this article to show how they succeeded by running successful campaigns on Instagram.

Use of Memes

A meme is a great tool on Instagram. They become viral and have the capacity to convey the message that cannot be delivered even after the effort of a long time. Some of the great shows like Game of Thrones and even movies like Deadpool and Jungle book are the great examples here. They have millions of memes being shared every day where people enjoy popular scenes from the movies. Deadpool marketing was so perfect that every bit of effort paid off. Such Memes are common on Instagram. Buying Instagram Likes to get more traffic on memes is another way of advertising movies. Even there was a billboard with the poop emoji for this movie and that also had huge success. This is the thing about marketing if it is done right and at the right time with the right efforts, it will make huge profits.

Reaching out to the Millennials

The type of movies made these days is really targeted to the young generation. Instagram has a large population of young adults making their profiles and scrolling hundreds of things in a day. There are innumerable ads shown there but only a few are worth sharing and just number of them leaves a long-lasting impression on the viewers. So, Instagram is the best place to reach out potential audience. Now the hype is created on Instagram even months before the release of a movie and this helps a lot in marketing and generation of sales at the time of release.

Celebrity Endorsements

This has a huge impact especially in the marketing of movies. There are a lot of celebrities on Instagram with millions of followers. Even the profiles on top in terms of followers are also of celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift. These celebrities along with the movie actors are used to endorse marketing and other publicity campaigns. When the audience sees their favorite actors doing something on Instagram, they definitely follow it. Such celebrities are also called as brand ambassadors.

With millions of people being connected on Instagram platforms, this is a huge opportunity for the marketers and they are using it right to reach out to a larger number of audience. If the thing is done right, it provides enormous profits to the makers of a movie.