How Intricate Jewellery Designs of South India Cater to Festive Needs


Variety of designs and unique concepts, India’s Shubh Jewellers continues to surprise with its offerings! With the festive season just around the corner, people are ready to shop. Everyone is busy preparing their bucket list, for they want to make most of the exclusive festive offers and sales in the market. This scenario truly looks very conventional in the Indian context, especially during Diwali, Dhanteras, or Ganesh Chaturthi, where people are busy buying clothes, jewellery and electronic goods.

Of it, jewellery is considered to be the most precious item, as it is a symbol of purity and is often equated with Hindu gods, Kuber and Lakshmi. Gold jewellery holds great significance in India, especially in Southern culture. Known for magnificent designs and unique concepts, jewellery is mostly worn in weddings and festivals by not just by women but also by the classical dancers, kids, among others. One of the finest prototypes in this context is the temple jewellery, which is known to consist of valuable stones like Kundan, Kemp stones, pearls, etc.

Thus, it has become essential for jewellery stores to keep the best quality and variety of designs, which can cater to everyone’s needs. Realizing and considering the stature of jewellery in South India, Shubh has been one such success story. Unique concepts coupled with earnest craftsmanship has been Rajesh Mehta’s Shubh Jewellers journey, as they continue to design Jewellery with a touch of spirituality, royalty and Solha Shringar.

With about 80 stores in Karnataka, Rajesh Mehta’s retail chain continues to be the market giant of South Indian jewellery industry. Offering jewellery designs with an idol on it has been the most recent trend in the market. With festive season arriving in a few days, it would be interesting to see the kind of jewellery, Shubh has to offer this time around.