How Gaurav Bhatia’s MAISON is sharing the magic of brands with India’s next-gen

Gourav Bhatia Magic of Branding

The Indian luxury paradigm is changing rapidly. It is transforming into a vibrant market, on the back of increasing urban upper-middle-class, transparent operations and customer-centric approach despite challenges of high taxes, lack of infrastructure (read, lack of luxury malls and boulevards) and poor staff training.

At this juncture, the need for a lifestyle advisory cell cannot be undermined. Bridging this gap, a Mumbai-based luxury expert Gaurav Bhatia has introduced ‘MAISON’, a young and audacious luxury, bridge-to-luxury and lifestyle advisory cell that shares the magic of brands with India. The company believes in an enduring vision, which is built on the legacy of brands, encouraging creativity and business excellence.

MAISON will offer a holistic service system to the clients, which includes marketing solutions, business development ideas, branding and rebranding solutions, communication and content creation, PR, digital strategy and much more. The company will assist the brands in recognizing opportunities to build, grow and sustain their business. It also intends to offer continuous marketing solutions to the brands to create visibility and open new markets.

The company is a brainchild of Gaurav Bhatia, who is on the power list of the luxury industry. He comes from a strong luxury pedigree, having worked with Young & Rubicam, wherein he catered to renowned brands like Sony, Heinz, Singapore Tourism, Tata Motors, Taj Group of Hotels, Kraft, Aventis, etc.

Bhatia also headed the Indian wing of luxury conglomerate LVMH Moet Hennessy as a Marketing Director and looked after the company’s marketing collaborations as well. Gaurav Bhatia then joined Sotheby’s India as the Managing Director. He brought an international outlook to the currently thriving art scene in the country while managing the world’s oldest auction house. Under his leadership, the company organized its first auction in India in November 2018 Boundless India planting Sotheby’s firmly on the Indian map.

Talking about the inception of MAISON, Gaurav Bhatia said, “MAISON is in the business of ideas. We like the simple way of looking at things, wiping away the marketing drivel that brands tend to get caught up in, we like to think strategically. And we like to think passionate. Brands today need to be disruptive, immersive and tell the stories.”

After opening up new markets and expanding the customer base across South Asia and the United States during his 20-year long journey, Gaurav Bhatia will aim to make a similar impact with MAISON and bring a unique style and unmatched substance to the firm, while managing and strengthening the customer relationships of various brands.