Looking for Elegant Jewellery? Don’t forget to add these pointers to your checklist!

AKM Mehrasons Owners

One of the most valued purchases we make is that of jewellery; therefore, we need to go great lengths to know every bit of detail before making the ultimate purchase. In a candid talk with the owner of AKM Mehrasons Jewellers, Deepak Mehra, tells us about the essentials to look out for when buying those worthy baubles:

Set a budget you want to spend: Start with a pre-determined budget you set for your jewellery, and also decide the kind of jewellery you are looking for. “Think through about the kind of jewellery you want so that you do not get overwhelmed by the choices at your disposal. But at the same time, be open to exploring various styles of jewellery, as you never know what just might turn out to be your statement style,” advises, Deepak Mehra.

Check for the mark: There are no two ways about checking the Hallmark authentication sign when you consider buying jewellery. Make efforts to verify the purity, especially for gold and semi-precious stones, so that you attain complete value for money.

Check for longevity and the efforts you need to put into maintaining the product quality: Deepak Mehra thinks says that it is the most vital thing to look for, but goes unnoticed sometimes when customers make hasty purchases. “A good jewellery piece transcends beyond aesthetics and gives the wearer longevity, which makes them cherish it for years. Preserve your jewellery’s timelessness through buying pieces that are better handled, and provide you longevity, i.e. things you can wear all your life,” he says.

Know about the making charges: Each jewellery brand has its own making charges depending on the time and resources invested in the polish, cut and molding of the metal into the design you choose. However, the charges usually range anywhere between 3% to 25%.

Don’t buy jewellery without bills: Retaining invoices for every purchase is what a smart buyer should do. This can help you in future when you want to return or exchange jewellery. The invoice ensures that the jewellery that you purchase, stays protected. Your bill should precisely mention the net weight, the purity (in case of gold), the rate, Hallmark and making charges.

The jewellery world is extravagant and alluring, but the buying process involves keeping tabs and covering vital checkpoints before you go all in. As it is a pricey affair, you’ve got to choose your pick wisely, so that they give you the maximum appeal!