Things to consider while buying gold for Diwali in Karnataka


From CKC Jewellers to Shubh Jewellers,  Hundreds of brands are offering authentic gold ornaments in Karnataka. However, it is advisable to purchase hallmarked gold from trusted players only.

Gold has always found a special place in India’s culture. The metal is sacred to the traditional outlook of India in an incredible way. No festival and celebration in the country are complete without it. Diwali, one of the most prominent festivals in India, in particular, is associated with the importance of this metal in an intrinsic way. People from all across the country purchase gold items such as Goddess Laxmi statue, gold coin, an ornament, etc.

If you are planning to buy gold this Diwali, here are a few important things to be considered:

Level of purity

While buying gold, the first thing you should consider is the purity level. The best way to measure the level of purity is karat. 24 Karat of gold is considered the purest, however, is not fit for making jewelry, since it is too soft to be given a shape. That’s why jewelers use 22, 18 or 14 karat gold. You should always check the purity of the gold you are purchasing.

Prices and Making charges

The price and value of each piece of gold are determined by its purity. The price changes every day as per the market rate. The daily bullion rates can be seen at the display board of a jewelry shop. If you are planning to purchase a jewelry piece on the eve of Diwali, do not avoid considering the making charges of that piece. Different jewelry shops have different making charges, depending on the ornament piece and the location of the shop.


It is very important to purchase only hallmarked gold. Hallmarking is all about authenticity and is expected to be made mandatory before Diwali 2019 by the Government of India. In Karnataka, various jewelry brands including Tanishq, Shubh Jewellers, and Malabar Gold have been offering hallmarked gold for a long time.

Where to Buy from

Although a majority of people buy gold coins and ornaments from a local jeweler, there are other ways too. You can buy gold from online e-tailers, banks, Stock Holding Corporation of India, Metals, and Minerals Trading Corporation of India, etc. Various banks offer attractive gold loans and discounts, especially during the festive season.

Gold is a precious item and the one you will buy during the Diwali season is going to be close to your heart for a long time. To avoid any misleading practice, do not forget to ask for a government-approved bill along with your purchase.