How Indian Astrology is related to Vedic Astrology


The “Jyotish-Shastra” – Indian Astrology which is also known as moon Astrology has its origins from the Vedic times. Its study has been traced from the “Vedas” which is one of the most religious texts of ancient India. Atharva-Veda has many astrological traditions that we are now following in the present time. Indian Astrology is not different from Vedic Astrology, it is one and the same almost, earlier we used to call it “Hindu Astrology” and more recently it is termed as Vedic Astrology. Indian Astrology is also known as “Jyotish Vidhya” in which astrologers believe more on the planet’s position according to the stars. The ancient Vedic Astrology is entirely based on stars, the ‘sidereal’ systems look at real stellar constellation the same way as we see with our eyes from the earth.

A brief about Ancient Vedic Astrology

The ancient Vedic Astrology has scientific support as it uses various mathematical calculations for making astrological predictions. The calculation technique of ancient Indian Vedic Astrology is based on twelve constellations(from the Babylonian calendar) and it also has “Lunar Zodiac” which is based on 28 lunar constellations/Nakshatras. As per Indian Vedic Astrology, all the celestial bodies such as the Sun, the Moon, stars, and other planets influence the earthly phenomena.

Their configuration and position at the time of birth determine a person’s life inclination, his/her character, behave, likes, dislikes, strength, weakness, etc. Our horoscope which we also call “Janam Patri” is a chart in which the position of a celestial body at the time of birth is printed and is used to understand the impact of those celestial bodies’ configuration in one’s life. Astrologers analyze the natal chart and advise the person to use the most out of the predictions that are made. The predictions cover every aspect of a person’s life, whether it is related to marriage, career, love, health or future. Astrologers also suggest ways to make a person’s life better both materially and spiritually

The Science of calculation in Vedic Astrology

In Indian Vedic Astrology the “Nakshatras” in which astrologers’ study is based on the moon cycle, an estimated number of days which moon takes to complete a cycle concerning stars are considered by astrologers. Astrologers back in the time used to predict the position of the moon with the help of the Lunar calendar. The “Vimshottari Dasha” out of many “Dasha” is the most popular system in ancient Vedic Astrology which is popularly used in Indian Astrology for making a prediction based on time. It has been used for centuries, we Indians still use for finding Muhurtas or other auspicious time generally to start something new, for instance, a new job, marriage or a business.

The ancient Vedic Astrology and changes in it. As mentioned above Ancient Vedic Astrology was based on the planet’s position concerning stars only but with time it included the zodiac signs. Now the prediction is made based on zodiac sign as well. According to ancient Vedas, there is a total of 28 constellations that are made up of 12 zodiac signs, 12 houses and 9 planets and each house represent one aspect of our life. When our birth chart is prepared by a top astrologer, they put 12 signs in the 12 houses and the 9 planets in various houses as per the planet’s position at our birth time. Vedic Astrology is not magic but a way to interpret the meaning of the celestial bodies’ arrangements and its influences on our day- to -day life.

Vedic Astrology’s importance in our life

Astrology is a gift to humankind and with the correct knowledge and correct interpretation of the natal chart; astrologers can help a person to make the right decision in their life. Astrology unfolds various uncertainties and ill aspects of life, we can work accordingly if we know such things in advance. Not just this but problems in various aspects of life such as health, education, career, job, marriage, etc. can be easily solved by seeking help from an astrologer. When we know this thing in advance then we can plan accordingly. Astrology provides us the right direction to work into. The planetary influence is good as well as bad, the good things can be welcomed but for the bad influence we need some solution, which we can get from Astrology remedies, it reduces the planetary impact on our life and further control it.

How Vedic Astrology differs from Western Astrology?

Vedic astrology is quite different from tropical or western art logy as it uses fixed zodiac signs whereas the other one uses moving zodiacs. Because of the gradual tilt of the earth on its axis in space, the zodiac signs if calculated from the sun’s perspective to the earth appear to change and move at the rate of 1/60 of dare or less per year.

Currently, if we see the movable or relative zodiac signs, they are almost out of alignment from the fixed signs (star-based zodiac signs) by approximately 23 degrees which accounts for almost 1 whole zodiac sign. And because of such a difference of whole 1 zodiac sign, the “Sun Sign” that we read from newspapers or any other source is generally one whole sign back when the actual Vedic Astrology Chart is referred.

So, now you get the surprise that when we use the Vedic astrology to see our fortune, we no longer need to be related to our Sun Sign which we used to believe from our childhood. We no longer belong to our zodiac Sign which we thought we were.

Astrology- A Science or Art?

Astrology is the combination of both that offers us an understanding of planetary positions’ impact on human life. It helps us to interpret the stars and planets’ influences on us. Astrology includes the study of various celestial bodies and the principles to know the planet position are universally accepted as they are based on valid mathematic systems, the various techniques for making predictions make it an art. It is a science that helps humankind to get an insight view of their future. Horoscope reading is one such example from which astrologers show us a glimpse of what the future has held for us.

But practically we cannot call it pure Science or pure Art, calling Astrology a science-art would be fine as it is using astronomy science for calculation and art of Astrology to read it. Whatever we call it, Astrology will be considered as the only way to see a glimpse of one’s future. For many years it is helping humankind to make the right decision and live a better life.

Many astrology practitioners firmly say that Vedic Astrology is pure wisdom filled with ancient literature that helps humankind in solving their puzzled life problems. It is a way of understanding the reasons behind various problems and predicting the most probable solution to it. Vedic Astrology is a great source of pure knowledge and anybody can seek the help of astrologers to solve their problems.

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