263 Indian Passengers Evacuated from Italy – Corona Virus


The death rate of people of Italy is getting massive as the day goes due to corona disease. It seems like people are really worried about the hard conditions ever faced in their life without having medicine for prevention. 263 peoples from India have been evacuated safely and quarantine facility has been given by the respective authorities. It is really a black Friday for the people of Italy on 21st March 2020. It was found to be taken death 793 to 4,825 in this week and Friday alone found with 627 dies and its hard to believe the situation going through.

Government officials doctors, nurses and respective authorities working hard at its best to prevent the same. Even though, as a precaution Break the Chain mode of Operandi has been announced by the officials to limit the spread of the virus from one to one.

Update on Indian Passengers Evauction from Italy

The Indian embassy is really helpful to have respective authorities in any hard condition to the people of India. India organized the arrival of the stranded travellers from Milan in Italy by sending an Air India by Saturday. Italy is one of the most exceedingly terrible COVID-19 influenced nations and has seen a great many passings. The office has prior facilitated two such clumps of Indians and outsiders who were brought once again from Wuhan in China in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The evacuees were taken to an isolated office run by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police with the very respective Force at Chhawla, on the edges of Delhi.

As it is Sunday and people all over the world is considered to have 14 hours of silence in the form of prayers, limiting the interaction with their loved one, staying safe at home to limit the spread of the virus and to control this issue at the earliest. It has been reported by some non-resident people of Italy via social media that people still have no sense how to control it. Especially, those who gone aged above 70+ is still walking through the streets and interacting with here and there.

The government officials taking strict notice on those who break the law and those who are spreading the virus knowingly. However, the Indian citizen who is under quarantine and safe in the hospitals as per the reports unveiled from various sources. For more updates on Corona Virus, keep in touch with QuintDaily reports.