Great Inventions in Science what we can use Every Day

Paramount Innovations

So what makes a great invention? Well, at the very least, it should be patentable, and we should be able to see the history change they make. Over the past two centuries, great innovators have used their knowledge, as well as experience, to create a host of innovations that have completely changed our lives. The world is now a better place because we have creative innovations that make life easier.

Here are five paramount innovations and discoveries that we can use every day.

1. Food and Drink

Louis Pasteur discovered pasteurization in 1862, and this has allowed us to enjoy food and drinks in pastured form. This process allows us to heat food to a specific temperature and then cool it so that pathogens have no chance of surviving in them. This way, we can preserve canned foods, wine, water, and dairy products for months without them going bad.

2. Transportation

The second invention is transportation, which came about in 1886. Karl Benz patented the processes of internal combustions in engines that allow vehicles to move. Karl, together with his wife, Bertha Ringer Benz, founded the famous Mercedes Benz automobile manufacturing company.

3. Energy

Nikola Tesla is well known for his major contributions to alternating current electricity systems for power transmission. He filed for up to seven U.S. patents in this field. The patents covered transformers, generators, motors, transmission lines, and lighting. You should know all of those inventions thanks to the physics assignment. He is also credit with inventing the radio, even though there was a patent dispute between him and the Marconi Company.

4. Technology

The first electronic computer that had vacuum tubes was constructed in 1937. Clifford Berry and John Atanasoff built this computer while they were employees at Iowa State College. It was called the Atanasoff-Berry computer, and through it, the concepts of regenerative memory, binary arithmetic and logic circuits came to life. However, this machine remained a prototype as it never reached the production stage.

5. Healthcare

  • Vaccination

The first and most important innovation in healthcare is vaccination. Edward Jenner is widely regarded as the foundation of vaccination. His work dates back to 1796, and he’s well renowned for his huge contribution to vaccination. Through his work, the field of medicine was finally able to eradicate smallpox disease.

  • Local Anesthesia

Another healthcare invention is local anaesthesia, and the scientist behind this huge development is William Morton. He was the first scientist to show how ether can be used to facilitate painless operations.
The big reveal was a public performance at the Massachusetts General Hospital in 1846. In this performance, Collins Warren performed an operation to remove a tumour from a patient’s neck.
Note that Willian Morton did not discover or invent anaesthesia. There was 20-year long acrimony due to the litigation that surrounded the credit for who developed anaesthesia.

  • Antibiotics

Antibiotics are among the staple medications in many households. There are so many health issues that antibiotics can solve. Alexander Fleming is the one who discovered the active antibiotic substance as he was working on the influenza virus. He called this active substance penicillin.

While he was watching mold that had created on a staphylococcus culture plate, he saw that the form had made a hover around itself. It turns out that this was a bacteria-free circle, and he used this observation to conduct experiments. He discovered that the mold culture had the ability to deter the growth of staphylococci. Today, we use penicillin to treat a host of bacterial infections.


Great inventions have made our lives easier. Healthcare inventions, for instance, ensure we don’t have to suffer from certain illnesses. We’re grateful for all the great inventors for the work they put in to make the world a better place. If you’re a scientist, you should strive to add to the list of great inventions we already have.

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