Puri – An ideal destination for making a memorable trip

Visit to Puri

Puri is a coastal town located in Orissa State, India that attracts several tourists from various parts of the world. The town is a popular one for its temples, beach, and other places which make the place a famous spot among travelers. Those who visit the town for the first time should consider important things including hotel accommodation that can help to create the best memories. Another thing is that they will help to plan a trip accordingly to witness complete entertainment.

The affordable hotels near Puri beach aim at fulfilling the expectations of visitors with excellent amenities enabling them to make a fine trip. Apart from that, they provide methods to schedule a tour in advance enabling travelers to avoid unwanted problems. However, it is advisable to check the availability of hotels before making a trip to the city. The city is an excellent choice for those who want to visit holy places and other attractions with groups and families to witness more excitement.

Important places to visit in Puri

1. Sri Jagannath Temple

Sri Jagannath Temple is one of the important places to visit in Puri. Dedicated to Lord Jagannath, it is the most revered pilgrimage site meant for Hindus. There are four gates located in the temple which are beautifully designed with unique carvings. Moreover, the temple has magnificent architectural styles that create impacts on visitors. The mahaprasad of the temple is a famous one because it is well-prepared in the largest kitchen. It covers approximately an area of 4, 00,000 square feet enclosed with two rectangular walls.

2. Puri beach

Puri beach is an ideal location for those who want to relax their mind with children and others. The beach is well-known for its peaceful and calm surroundings allowing tourists to focus more on the gaols. Apart from that, visitors can even interact with local fishermen who also serve as lifeguards on the beach. Those who want to view the sunset can visit the beach for enjoying nature’s beauty

3. Chilika Lake

Chilika Lake is a paradise on earth because it allows tourists to access birds and enjoy life in a natural environment. The pear-shaped lake makes feasible ways to plan an excursion with children and others to witness more pleasure. Furthermore, the lake enables visitors to enjoy the scenic views of sunrise and sunset in an eco-friendly environment with others.

4. Lokanath Temple

Lokanath Temple is another important place to visit in Puri which acts as a center for Shiva worship. There is a belief that Lord Ramachandra installed the Linga in the temple which invites a lot of devotees every year.

5. Daya River

Daya River is an important landmark located on the banks of Daya which allows visitors to plan an excursion with children and others. Visitors can even see Ashokan edicts carved on the rock surface of the hills. Furthermore, it serves as a destination for carrying out outdoor activities enabling visitors to witness more adventure.

Travel tips to Puri

  1. The summer is very hot in Puri and tourists should consider carrying proper clothes for overcoming discomfort. Tourists should visit the town from November to February in a year.
  2. International tourists should exchange their currency only from official money exchangers that can help to avoid unwanted problems.
  3. Both local and foreign nationals should follow the local tradition and customs while visiting religious shrines. They should wear only ethnic outfits when they like to visit the temples.
  4. Since most people speak Odia language in the town, it is advisable to learn some basic words to make easy communication. However, tourist guides will speak Hindi and English enabling visitors to overcome communication barriers.
  5. Guided tours are available for tourists and they can select the right one based on their choices. On the other hand, it is necessary to know more about the details from a local tourist office for making the right decision.
  6. Tourists should carry only bottled water with them because tap water is not safe to drink in the city because it may cause health hazards.
  7. Travelers should carry a copy of important documents such as identity cards, visas, driving licenses, etc. This will help a lot to get an entry to museums and other places while making a trip to the city.
  8. Tourists should follow safety measures when traveling to important places in the city which ultimately gives ways to ensure high-level protection from various problems.
  9. Puri is well-connected by train and road networks enabling tourists to reach the city with ease.
  10. Visitors should avoid traveling alone in remote places and lonely areas to prevent thefts or other problems to a large extent.
  11. Puri will become highly crowded during the festival season and tourists should plan their trip accordingly.
  12. Visitors should take care of their personal belongings in hotels and other places to avoid loss of money or any other problems.
  13. Travelers should consider carrying a medical kit with them for managing medical emergency situations.
  14. Anyone who wants to know more about important travel places in the city can approach a local tourist office for making a memorable trip.

Where to stay in Puri?

Tourists should book hotels which are closer to the airport, railway station and other places that can save more time. The hotels near Puri beach offer rooms at affordable rates enabling tourists to ensure the best accommodation. At the same time, those who want to book the hotels online should pick a reputed website for meeting essential needs.

This is because a hotel website provides ways to find rooms at estimated budgets. It even offers free quotes for visitors allowing them to select a package that fits their bills and requirements. There are several websites that allow tourists to compare the costs with ease to make the right decision. On the other hand, it is necessary to read reviews and rankings of hotel websites in detail before making a trip which gives ways to experience pleasure and happiness.

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