Rajith Kumar Out from Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2


Malayalam BiggBoss season 2 powerful contestant Dr. Rajith Kumar Out and it’s now official. Renjith fans are really shocked by the update made a couple of minutes ago in today’s Bigg Boss episode. The official dismissal of Rejith Kumar from Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2 is because of an incident that happened with applying chili paste on Reshma’s eye. Reshma is also yet another powerful contestant still surviving inside the Bigg Boss season 2 episode more than 2 days. Bigg Boss fan’s reaction all over the world is really hurting one with the incident happened.

Rajith Kumar Out from Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 in detail:

It’s come to know that BiggBoss talented contestant Dr. Rajith Kumar is officially out of the game. Mr. Rajith Kumar in the presence of  Dr. Padmasree Bharath Mohanlal sir from the bottom of his heart apologized with Reshma. She has accepted his apologies, but she disagreed with the entry of Dr. Rajith Kumar back to the BiggBoss family. This is because of the wording from her mom really a hated one against Rajith Kumar and also Reshma’s mom really felt sick with the action that Rajith Kumar done.

In the final speech at the backstage Mr. Rajith Kumar has been stated that: As a professor, Rajith Kumar unveiled that, he has never thought of doing such things to anyone. But, as a contestant to bring the activity more powerful, he has done those things to Reshma. Well, BiggBoss only needs to hear what Reshma wants to say concerning the Re-Entry of Rajith Kumar. But, she disagrees with his entry again because she felt like, he will do such kind of non-sense activity again in the upcoming days.

The BiggBoss season 2 is getting tighter, as the big contestant is out from the family. However, people all over the word started murmuring what going to happen and who will be the winner of Bigg Boss season 2 Malayalam. The previous season of Malayalam BiggBoss made powerful winners, alike Bigg Boss fans all over the world awaiting the next big thing to happen for this season as well.