SEO Basics – Complete Beginner Guide to Online Success


SEO Basics: The role of Google search algorithm is the key factor to the optimization that digital marketers. Even the more important is to go with the concept of Keywords and the keyword research strategies that a Digital Marketer follows. The binary advantage of learning SEO is nothing but, branding online gives you more exposure to your business. As the trending tools, strategies and even the algorithm rolling out by the search engines changes daily. Search Engine Optimization helps really in a much better manner to get your product/services to fulfil more exposure to the public.

If you want to know What is SEO, you will get an amazing definition from Wikipedia. As an SEO Analyst, my point of view states, it brings the visibility of your website in search results. Other than go for branding, visibility of your website gives more importance. In turn, it helps in branding automatically by attracting your product or services by international users.

What’s Exactly an SEO?

In a single view, let me show with an example, and feel free to check closely with the below image.


The Basic thing initially an SEO analyst should focus on on-page optimization. Then only he/she should go behind off-page activities and strategy that you follow.

People search for low volume, medium volume and even high volume. You should be very careful about setting your website pages;

  • META KEYWORDS [Whatever the framework you use for the same].

If you are using a genesis framework WordPress theme, then no need to opt for the plugin or go for installation. However, if you go with basic Yoast or common All in one SEO plugins for the same, make sure, it has been properly set and it helps with no breadcrumbs issues or even rich snippets breakdown.

From 2020 onwards, google completely adapted the core update, however, cooking up content for your site should be generic. Whether you were doing content for your website, try not to go behind the number of words, maintain quality first.

Keyword Research for SEO


Final verdict:

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