#shavecoronachallenge in 21 days of Quarantine


#shavecoronachallenge” that should be the oath of every people until we get relief from Covid 19. Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi announced 21 days lockdown all over India and since this is being first of its kind which the current generation has never experienced before, so people find it very hard to cope up with this mitigation measure. Every citizen of India [excluding the authorized people working for the interest of public safety] should abide by the regulations and should stay safe at their home till April 14th which is the current date given by the government. As it is very much crystal clear and evident about interesting things that are happening all over India, the youth has come up with a new challenge to shave head and beard and to stay self quarantined to ensure public safety and wellbeing.

Shave Corona Challenge in India

We have heard about #NoShaveNovemberchallenge #Icebucketchallenge and here comes new¬† #shavecoronachallenge. Everyone around the world is begging for us to remain safe in their own home in order to make sure that the thing happened in their country shouldn’t affect other countries. We are educated and our parents gave us the right education – For what? To deal with the situation in the right manner with commonsense.

Police, Armed forces, Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, everyone is working hard 24 hours a day to secure us. People around still have no idea how the Covid effect will be and they are simply walking away through the streets to judge themselves. Well, the unity of people especially the youth has taken the right decision to stay safe with their family to shave away the corona. That’s what #shavecoronachallenge to share with the public.

Everyone love to live in a space that can find peace and for the months, people cant find a way to a peaceful space in most of the countries. Its been reported by various news channels the United States has crossed 100000 corona affected patients and it’s still counting. So, India doesn’t want to bring such a situation anymore and we have to fight against it. Just stay clean – Stay safe and enjoy your time with best memories in your home with healthy.