South Indian Culture is behind Intricate piece of jewellery


Evolution of temple jewellery – from the Chola Dynasty to essential heirloom in bride’s jewellery collection. From large monolithic architecture to classical dance forms and the most popular local breakfast options. The diverse and distinctive South India cultural traditions would provide one with an unforgettable glimpse into the South Indian way of life. Jewellers producing finest temple jewellery designs with guaranteed purity is what people really look for. It doesn’t matter the price of the jewels while people behind the tradition.

Intricate Jewellery and South Indian Culture

It is said that the South Indian Culture is basically the festival of the endless universe through the festival of the magnificence of body and gentility. However, it stays incomplete without having an intricate, prized piece of temple jewellery. Among the most artful of all jewellery types, these simple-yet-artful pieces of work have now also evolved with time.

Its significance in the South Indian Culture has remained constant since the Chola and Pandya dynasties. Initially what was reserved for adorning deities and royals has now become a piece that evokes religious sentiment, an essential heirloom in bride’s jewellery collection.

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One can easily spot exquisite jewellery pieces in temples and weddings in South India. Such is the strength that it has now become famous among the westerners as well. A visit to South Indian states and one can tell how much they love their jewellery. Besides shops which have beautiful and stunning Kanjeevaram saris and prized brocades, one can easily spot jewellery shops in the market, offering a variety of options for the consumers.  For instance, with expansive knowledge and years of experience, Karnataka-based SHUBH Jewellers has been producing the finest temple jewellery designs with guaranteed purity at value-for-money prices.

It is said that each piece of temple jewellery is handcrafted to perfection. We, modern Indians, often look up to western society for their advanced lifestyle and development. However, it would not be incorrect to conclude that it’s our cultural values that give us a distinct outlook, with South Indian temple jewellery forming the backbone and finding its strength and fame worldwide.