Top 5 uTorrent Alternatives You Can Use in 2020

best uTorrent Alternatives

uTorrent was one of those movies downloading software which has helped many of us in saving money rather than spending in movie theaters. Not only movies but from Utorrent you have downloaded software, pdf, games, TV Shows and much more for free. It was one of the easiest to use and light software ever released for downloading anything via torrent.

The company which released uTorrent was BitTorrent Inc. Although the website was filled with many ads and other spammy links, still people preferred it over other websites as it was quite safe and easy to use. But, movie piracy is an illegal thing which is why uTorrent was banned by the government of many countries and that is why people started finding out for uTorrent Alternatives.

Best 5 uTorrent Alternatives You Can Use in 2020:

There are many alternatives of uTorrent you can find Online and here some of the best 5 which I found to be the best.

1. Deluge:

Deluge is one of the most used uTorrent alternatives as it was quite similar to uTorrent. The interface and functioning of deluge were very much similar to that of uTorrent which is why people preferred it over other uTorrent alternatives more.
This software doesn’t offer many features and functions which are there in uTorrent like there is no option to lower down the seeds, no option to set the upload or download speed, etc but it has online support that can solve every issue of yours.

2. Tixati:

Tixati came in when uTorrent was closed down and this software is preferred a lot as it is highly customizable and easy to install and use. It is also open-source software that is free for all its users and the best part is, the software is fully free from ads and other spam links. You can schedule your downloading process and can decide which link should download first and which next. Although the interface of Tixati is not that much good still the software is easy to use. It offers all the information present in the peers, files, and other information related to bandwidth while downloading a file.

3. qBittorrent:

qBittorrent is that torrent downloading software which almost every individual knows about but still, this software lands 3rd in our list as it might be the best uTorrent alternative but still offers very limited features. The software is quite easy to use and is free from all types of redirect ads and links. You can download, search or find any torrent from the software itself but again the software is not offering features to control the uploading speed or bandwidth. Still, it is regarded as one of the best uTorrent alternatives to date by the users.

4. BitTorrent:

BitTorrent is an uTorrent alternative that is developed and owned by BitTorrent Inc. who are even the first owners and founders of uTorrent. BitTorrent was purposely released just after the ban of uTorrent in order to cover the whole market again with them but within this time period, many companies released their own torrent clients and software to grab the torrent market which is why it might be the most preferred uTorrent alternative but still lands 4th in our list.

BitTorrent has almost all the features and UI same to that of uTorrent so that people don’t find it anyway less than uTorrent. The software has ads and other spam and unwanted links but if you buy the pro version of this software then you can remove those ads and other links.

5. Frostwire:

Coming last in our list of uTorrent alternatives, Frostwire is one of the easiest to use torrent software ever made. The client is totally free of ads and other unwanted links. It’s neat and clean interface makes it very easy to use by the users but again there are many limitations because of which it is last in our list.
This torrent client is compatible with all platforms including Windows, Linux, Android and Mac.

Even more, you will be found with Zooqle, one of the most important alternatives of uTorrent. However,  in the era of downloading you will be finding enormous other alternatives. As the privacy of the country determines the torrent sites to sustain on Internet.

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The above-given list of uTorrent alternatives is one of the most updated and 100% working lists as tested in march 2020. Users can try these best alternatives to uTorrent in order to download any movie, TV show, game or anything online for free.