Beat the Quarantine Laziness with these Fun Activities


All of us, #lockdown in our houses, are thinking to get this over so that life can be back to normal. But we are overlooking the fact that this is the time to give our hobbies a chance to explore. Let us explore a few fun activities to do while we all are quarantined. Make the most of this time and chill a bit more than usual. Most of them were involved in some challenging activities during this lockdown period. In almost all states of India, people were started finding some fun activities. Basically, the states such as Delhi, Kerala, Karnataka people making online activities which found to be trending on the internet. Here are some fun activities which can make yourself refreshed during the 21 days of Covid19 period.

Quarantine Fun Activities that you find fresh

Start Meditating and Yoga

Meditation is the art of calming your soul by sitting with a straight back, eyes closed, and mind focused on the third eye. Meditation not only helps us all to calm down a little, but it also makes up for the best thing to start your day with. Get yourself in the habit of meditating and see the change in your behaviour that follows afterwards. And now that you are already awake, would it be much to ask for your body to exercise? So, add a few yoga exercises in your daily regime and let your body stay fit and healthy. Not to mention, the exercise will make you feel more energetic and less lethargic.

Wear your Baking Cap

We have already come across a lot of celebrities baking during the quarantine. So how about you give it a try as well? Start with the easiest recipe that you find online. We bet you would end up with a dessert that is finger-licking good. And if by chance it turns out to be otherwise, then my friend make an online cake order in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, etc, and get a cake at your doorstep.

Revamp your House

Now, this sounds interesting. We have been influenced with all that #homegoals #decorgoals ideas, and getting influenced by them, have ordered a few decor pieces in the past. Now is the time to take them out of the boxes and give your house a new look. You have enough time to take inspiration from the web and try your hand in home decorating. And if your house seems to be a big task, then you can always give your bedroom the priority.

Nurture the Garden

Another place of your house, that gives you solace and all that freshness; you need for the entire day to go on. It’s been long that you have not talked to your plants, have not nurtured them like your baby. But as now you have enough time to take care of your family and your plants, why not start pruning your garden and give it a new look and life? And guess what, you can do a lot of DIYs to make your garden look more Instagram-worthy.

Experimental Cooking

From our childhood days till now, we love to cook dishes that are Hatke from the usual daal-roti. So, why not give your cooking skills a try? Try out some easy and delicious recipes this quarantine and feed your family with love. The experiment might fail, but you will conquer your family’s smile and heart, for sure.

Feed the Strays

We are currently in the hour where food, water, and shelter are not only the necessities but also are the life-savers. Though we are all doing okay, sitting inside our houses and having our meals, two or three times a day, what about the stray animals and birds who used to rely on our stale or extra food solely? So yes, feed those stray animals, and birds with food, water, and milk and have a great time.

Cover the Annonymous Stories

Not all people around us will be having the same attitude and not following the same type of behaviour. Some will be following their lockdown days with some extraordinary activities and other some by reading anonymous stories at some website like John doe and all. Besides, everyone intension will be the same, but with distinct ideas.

Final Words

So now that we have shared with you a list full of engaging activities, what are you waiting for? #stayhome #staysafe and make the best out of this #quarantine and chill time with some Quarantine Fun Activities.