Best free DNS Alternatives services for PC

DNS Alternatives

Are you looking for best free DNS Alternatives services for PC online? Here we gonna discuss the public DNS servers that you can use as an alternative for your current DNS servers. Only the fastest servers are discussed here. Some of the best DNS servers are such as Google, Verisign as well as Cloudflare. Of course, some of the popular ones include OpenDNS, CleanBrowsing etc. Let’s talk in brief about the above free DNS servers here in detail. Also, know how to find alternate DNS server for the computer users.

DNS Servers

DNS servers are the ones that match the friendly domain name to the IP address of the server. They literally translate every domain name into the IP address version. Every ISP provider will have their own set of DNS servers. They usually work fast. But in some cases, you might need a new set of DNS servers that work as fast as it could. In like manner that’s where we need these DNS servers.

Why do we need alternate to DNS servers?

You may need alternate DNS servers if you find that using the default ISP provided DNS servers are causing the slowness of the internet. There is a simple way to test a DNS server error. If you can resolve a website using the IP address but not with the domain name then probably it is the DNS server issue. So, in that case, you might feel that you need to change the default DNS servers.

Also one of the main reason to switch DNS server is to prevent the third party to block some of your favourite websites. By using an alternate DNS server you can access all the websites that are blocked by your default ISP provider. But it is important to note that DNS server change doesn’t mean that you can access the internet for free. Moreover, it needs the ISP provider to access the internet.

Here we have mentioned some of the free public DNS server settings that might help you to access the unrestricted fast internet. Furthermore, don’t forget the fact that IPv4 addresses are separated by dots and the ipv6 addresses are separated by colons.

  1. Google Public DNS
  2. Quad9 Public DNS
  3. OpenDNS
  4. Cloudflare DNS
  5. CleanBrowsing
  6. Verisign Public DNS
  7. Alternate Public DNS
  8. AdGuard Public DNS

Top 5 Best DNS Alternatives

1. Google Public DNS

One of the fastest public DNS available, identically they have data centres all over the world.

Their Primary DNS is –
Their Secondary DNS is –

2. Verisign DNS

This DNS has a record of achieving the 100% uptime record. As a matter of fact, It has data centres over multiple countries.

Their Primary DNS is –
Their Secondary DNS is –

3. Cloudflare DNS

Hope you have heard about the DNS servers that CloudFlare built. Similarly, they never log any of your data including your IP address.

Their Primary DNS is –
Their Secondary DNS is –

4. OpenDNS

This DNS server is used by nearly 100 million users around the globe and it is well known for no downtime.

Their Primary DNS is –
Their Secondary DNS is –

5. CleanBrowsing DNS

This DNS server is unique because it has some filter options such as adult filter, security filter which are very handy sometimes for management purposes.

Their Primary DNS is –
Their Secondary DNS is –

Final Words

These are the public DNS servers that are trusted and can be used as free. Likewise, they don’t log your IP address and gives the ability to use the internet unrestricted. To know more about best free DNS Alternatives services for PC, stay connected with our comment box for the same. For more Technology News updates, Quintdaily is opened with frequent updates.