Does UAE needs a lockdown like India? : Coronavirus


Coronavirus is really hard for the citizens and non-citizens of United Arab Emirates people now. Situations are all under control but it is getting the very bad update from the official update. New COVID 19 cases are increasing day by day and this continue, it will be hard for the nations like UAE to survive. As it is clear from the graph UAE lockdown coronavirus should be implemented by the officials at the earliest.

While considering the reported from April 1 to April 4th, it is clear that a minimum of 200+ new cases has been reporting. Even though the death update is very slow and that doesn’t mean that the virus attack is under control. There were millions of people are arriving in 7 emirates of UAE for special purposes daily. The economy is going down in every part of the country and many of them are getting half salary everywhere. How people of UAE going to survive and do you really think an urgent lockdown a mandatory?

UAE lockdown coronavirus updates in detail

UAE officials have been lifted up the re-entry ban from 2 days to 2 weeks in the wake of coronavirus outbreak. Non-citizen needs to apply for the Twajudi for residents visa and however, the point is what UAE not accepting in the sense of urgent lockdown is mandatory.  People are doing their job and getting back home daily from 8 am to 6 pm. This is the worst part and locking between 6 pm to 8 am is a very bad idea. People will control themselves if they know the real situation and already they have admitted to it. In fact, between their working hours, people from here and there are meeting many. This is a very disgusting situation that rulers of UAE must check the scenario of increasing the chance of COVID 19 is heavy.

How to Control the Situation and to bring 0% Corona Patients in UAE?

We always say, prevention is better than cure and that scenario is what we [government of UAE] should implement.

  • Should shut down every process and stay home for a period of 21 days.  This will helps to bring down the community chances of virus spread.
  • Should provide a rapid test for the production company, and should implement the announcement of work from home strategy all the emirates.
  • Collect the sample of blood from each and every people from their flat/offices/home and make a rapid test to find whether he/she has been affected by these 21 days.
  • Shouldn’t allow each and every hotel – restaurants – to practices food and even the delivery. Allow 10-15 delivery hotels which allow home delivery which provides better ambience and clean surface. Every day, the health officials should reach and test and update the government that the place is safe for food preparation.
  • Never allow new entry or the person who has gone to their hometown or foreign country without confirming he is having the negative result of coronavirus certificate.

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