Give a modern touch to your dining room


    Are you looking for beautiful Dining Room Designs for your home? A house is not just a home but also a symbol of status. It is a reflection of your taste in design. Your home also says a lot about your choice in décor. In other words, your house showcases your inner artistic aspects.
    Out of all the rooms in a house, the dining room is probably the most important one. It is a meeting place for meals with your significant other and kids. The dining room is an essential part of the house when you are hosting friends or merely acting as host for your extended family.

    If you have just built your new house or are seeking to refurbish the old one, then there are loads of innovative and unique design and décor ideas you can use. If you talk to a professional interior decorator, then you can get truly remarkable dining room ideas. From minimalistic to vintage, there are many dining room designs to choose from today.

    Tips for Dining Room Designs

    Dining Room Designs

    To make things easier for you, here are our expert tips on excellent dining room ideas:

    1 – Lighting up

    Lighting is undoubtedly an essential part of any room. This is especially important for dining rooms. Your lighting choice should contain a mix of lighting options to create the perfect mood. Bright light is necessary for household work, while mood lighting helps to create the ideal ambience.

    Ideally, it is advisable to choose lighting fixtures that provide 200 – 400 watts each. The main trick is to select a variety of fixtures to create layers of ambient light, such as wall fixtures, floor lamps, candles, and even natural light from the windows.

    Apart from the brightness, the design of the lighting equipment is also essential. It is advisable to choose a light which matches your dining table. In simple words, if you have a circular dining table, then you should choose a light fixture in a round shape. On the other hand, if your dining table is oblong or rectangular, then an oval or straight light is best suited.

    Lastly, the dimensions of your dining room decide the number and size of the lights. Larger dining rooms are excellently complemented by large and bold fixtures, such as a chandelier. Numerous hanging lanterns or pendant lights are excellent for smaller dining room designs.

    2 – Deciding on Dining Table

    The dining table is undoubtedly the most important aspect of your dining room. First off, make sure to choose a dining table that fits your needs and dining room dimensions. Choose a dining table that leaves enough room to walk around it without having to shift chairs around. Selecting a round-shaped dining table for smaller dining rooms allows you to place the maximum number of chairs comfortably.
    For spacious dining rooms, a rectangular-shaped dining table, especially with extending leaves, is highly advisable.

    3 – Lovely Linen Ideas

    Choosing dining table linen of varying colours and designs offers incredible flexibility. Always choose linen sets with napkins, placemats, and tablecloths that go well with one another for regular use. This will let you mix and match linen items, even if a particular one needs to be washed.

    4 – Choosing Colors

    You can easily set the tone of your dining room with the choice of colours for dishes and linen, etc. If you want to go for a somber yet aesthetic look, then a selection of neutral colours, such as white, beige or brown works best. To make things interesting, add an accessory in a brighter colour, so it stands out in contrast with others. Besides, you can experiment with a wide variety of bold colours and different textures. Try to pair vivid colours and fabrics with each other in contrast with the rest of your dining room furniture.

    5 – Wonderful Walls

    Always remember that the wall colour and décor has a great impact on the overall dining room designs. It is practically the largest area for decorating the room according to your choice. One of the simplest yet most profound ways to decorate dining room walls is wall art. Choose something which you relate to while adding the ideal dash of flavour to the overall dining room décor. Also, reclaimed wood is an excellent way to warm up the dining room. It adds vibrant colour and texture to the wall. For those going for the sleek, neo-rich look, metallic wallpapers are a huge thing.

    6 – Amaze with Accessories

    Lastly, cute centrepieces, beautiful vases, and other interior accessories help to add the finishing touch to your perfect dining room designs. Make sure to choose fewer numbers of accessories and not to clutter up the dining table unnecessarily. For small round tables alone, centrepiece works excellently while larger, rectangular dining tables can easily handle a couple of centrepieces. Use natural elements, such as potted plants and flowers in the corner for a fresh ambience.

    Do – It-Yourself Dining Room Ideas

    Dining Room Designs

    If you simply want to refurbish your dining room without hiring a professional interior decorator, here are some expert tips on giving your dining room a fresh look.

    1 – Mirrors on the Walls

    Mirrors not only help to enhance the overall dining room designs but also make your dining room look incredibly larger. Installing mirrored panels nearer to the dining table helps to make smaller dining rooms look significantly large.

    2 – Backing it up with a Blackboard

    Dining rooms are known for discussions, and this is where new ideas often pop into our heads. Having a sleek blackboard handy on the nearest wall helps you jot down recipes, ideas, and even to-do lists easily.

    3 – Rugs are the new Rage

    Rugs are incredibly essential as dining room furniture. They not only help to add to the style but are very helpful to distinguish the dining room from the kitchen, especially in an open-plan interior. There are innumerable choices of size, colour, and types of rugs to choose from for a dining room.