The Best TV Channels For Watching Your Favorite Movies

Best Rated TV Channels

Watching movies and shows on television is perhaps one of the more standard cultural things that bind the whole society of America together. No matter where they come from and what values they uphold, people always agree on one thing: having a spectacular television watching experience to relieve the pent up stress of the day. While the newer generation likes to fulfil their entertainment quota by taking TV to the internet, a significant majority of the population still sticks to the traditional cable companies like the ever-reliable Cox cable for accessing primetime television. If you’re a sucker for the golden era of television too, then check out the following networks that will give you access to the freshest movie content on the block.

Experience the Best Rated TV Channels For Watching Movies


Best known for delivering gritty and fantasy-based original series like Chernobyl, His Dark Materials and the phenomenal Game of Thrones, HBO also airs a collection of movies that circulate in between the shows. You can acquire HBO through your cable provider, and tap into a tapestry of network extensions, such as HBO Latino, HBO Family, and HBO Comedy. Or, you can subscribe to its standalone streaming service, going by the name of HBO NOW, and enjoy movies in HD quality.


The Hunger Games, Rambo, Saw, Requiem of a Dream, Now You See Me, Kick-Ass, Crank, House of 1000 Corpses and American Psycho are all formidable titles that have ‘Lionsgate’ written all over them. This entertainment company is also the parent of a popular division called STARZ, which is hosted by cable providers in their packages, in addition to standing as a premium subscription service for online viewers. With STARZ, you can enjoy up to 12 dedicated movie channels, featuring the whole library of Lionsgate productions and other blockbusters, such as Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle in HD.


Originally known as American Movie Classics, AMC has come a long way since its black-and-white broadcasting. Now, it airs some of the most exhilarating cable shows, such as The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Hell on Wheels and Better Call Saul, etc. At one time, it also ran the Breaking Bad series, which became a pop-phenomenon on its own. Besides the originals, AMC also inserts movies in its day-to-day schedule, such as The Godfather trilogy, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Rocky, The Book of Eli, Total Recall, Jack the Giant Slayer, The 5th Wave, Taken, Titanic, Elysium, and Gangs of New York – all of which have a certain apocalyptic feel to them.


As its name suggests, CINEMAX is essentially cinema-centric and has made a name in the industry for running movie-based content, usually second-runs. You can get access to this channel if you choose a premium cable package. Some providers even offer CINEMAX free for a couple of months, so you can have a first-hand taste of its selection. This channel is ideal for adrenaline-junkies and DC-maniacs, who like a good helping of movies like Justice League, Dunkirk, Rescue Dawn, In Time and Commando in a commercial-free HD programming. CINEMAX is also available as a subscription-based streaming service.

The Movie Channel

If there is one premium channel that doesn’t hold back on the mature, PG13 content, it is The Movie Channel, which often comes free with a SHOWTIME subscription and runs a medley of old & new movies in HD quality. With this channel, you can watch noteworthy movies like An Acceptable Loss, Groundhog Day, 11:55, All Creatures Here Below, The Babadook, Attrition, Candy Corn and Blue Valentine on your TV. Its programming content is what makes it different from the regular cable channels, and it’s not everyone’s piece of cake.


This channel is one of FOX’s peers and is owned by the behemoth Walt Disney Company. You can find a stellar collection of TV shows and movies on FX, which can safely fulfil your late-night entertainment cravings. From the blockbuster action of Jason Bourne to the family comedy of Keeping Up with the Joneses, from kid-friendly fantasies of How to Train Your Dragon to the horror of Poltergeist, the FX network has it all, and so much more for every kind of movie-lover. You can also catch its shows live via the FXNOW smartphone app, no matter where you are.

Wrapping Up

There are many channels on the nationwide TV spectrum that offer you a dose of entertainment-rich content. The aforementioned entries are the best networks for watching movies, which you can get either through your cable provider or by subscribing to the eponymous streaming services online.