Tips on how to obtain chemistry sources online


Chemistry research via the internet is fast and easy. Just as it is easy, it is equally difficult to find reliable sources online. Hence, college students more often than not, end up seeking assistance for their assignments from sites like homework doer. However, there are a range of high-quality resources still available on the web and this article will explore a few ways on how to get them.

Traditionally, when any scientific publication is made, other scientists knowledgeable in the field review it. When they approve it, it reinforces the accuracy of the information provided. Therefore, knowing how to filter the verified scientific information from the poorly done projects is of vital importance. The following are some of the best ways to obtain chemistry and other scientific resources online for your reference.

Chemistry journal directories

Journal directories provide a wide range of contents in science and the chemistry discipline. You can find these journals from credible educational institutions like MIT, Cambridge, and Stanford Dependent on the topic of research, you can find journals published by chemistry scholars around the world with valid citations from substantial resources. Although published journals are an easy way of finding a summary on the chemistry principle in your topic of study, you should go the extra mile to dig deeper and find the information from the cited books in the journals.

Research from YouTube

There are several YouTube channels filled with interesting chemistry principles. An excellent example of one of these channels is AsapScience. This is a popular channel with whiteboard-style videos with science enthusiast discussing difficult chemistry questions. The scholars always provide references for their methods and solutions which can be very useful to your study.

Join science forums

There are numerous science blogs and forums on the internet that can provide solutions to difficult problems. These forums connect chemistry students and professionals who discuss the several problems they face in their careers. Forum discussions are some of the best places to find resources because chemistry is universal, and chances are that someone else is facing the same problem with you. You can exchange ideas and share e-books or referrals to critical resources with peers in these forums.

Interact with professionals on social media platforms

With advancements in social media, academic and professional peers can easily find each other and share ideas on challenging topics. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn connect people through these professional groups. Different scientists specialize in different fields of chemistry. Therefore, when you find the professionals who major in your field of study, they are likely to refer you to credible sources for your research.

Search for government entities

When you are looking for a credible resource, government entities should be at the top of your search list. These entities are highly reliable because they are well regulated. Regardless of your topic of research, there is a government institution that has already researched for it. Reading their publications will lead you to the resources they fetched their information from.

Research newspapers and magazines

Although they may be biased at times, newspapers and magazines are a great source of information. They provide up to date information on recent researches and always cite their sources of information. However, publications in magazines and newspapers may not be as detailed as information from other sources and you may need to back them up with additional research.

Online libraries

Libraries were the most obvious place to find in the past; however, they seem to have become obsolete after the introduction of Google and Wikipedia. What most of us don’t know is that there are online libraries like Google books, Internet archive, and world digital library that have thousands of eBooks that one can get credible information from. For more education updates and the guided information online, keep in updated with us.