Why You Need a Fire Damage Claim Lawyer


Fire damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your property. It could mean the total destruction of your home or business. It is very rare for a fire damaged property to be salvageable after the fire is extinguished. That is why fires typically cause many thousands of dollars in damages. Some fire damage is so bad that you’ll be forced to demolition and rebuild your property. Then it would mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses.

Insurance companies are never quick to approve a fire damage claim. They will wait for a comprehensive investigation to be done into the incident before the claim is approved. It just so happens that fire damage cases tend to have a lot of fraud. Some people will try to burn down their property because they figure the insurance settlement is worth more than their house or business. That is why multiple investigations take place.

Not only will the claims adjuster of the insurance company conduct an investigation, but the local fire marshal will also conduct their own investigation as well. They’ll check for the usual signs of arson to determine if the fire started deliberately or if it was an accident. The results of their investigation will usually determine whether your fire damage claim gets approved or not.

Significance of Fire Damage Claim Lawyer

Due to the severity of fire damage, you should not manage your fire damage claim on your own. Your claim will be worth a lot of money, so you don’t want to take the risk of dealing with your insurance company without adequate legal representation. If they see that you’re representing yourself in a fire damage claim case, then they’ll look for any reason to justify a denial of the claim.

Here are the possible excuses for why your insurance company might deny your fire damage claim:

  • Arson or insurance fraud is suspected
  • You didn’t notify the insurer soon enough
  • The property is undervalued
  • Coverage amount on the policy doesn’t cover the amount of damage
  • Accusations of policy violations

Sometimes the insurance company may be right about these excuses, but oftentimes, they’re not. They don’t expect their policyholders to know that much about their rights in the matter, so they try to scare them into believing that these excuses are accurate. That is all the more reason why you need an experienced lawyer to deal with your insurance company for you.

Hire the Louis Law Group

Do not run the risk of letting your insurance company take advantage of you. Contact the Louis Law Group today so that you can show your insurance company that you mean business. We have an elite team of fire damage claim lawyers who can fight to get you the highest settlement possible for your claim.

We’ll start by reviewing the police report, fire marshal assessment, photographs, and any other documentation related to the case. If the fire damage was deemed accidental or unpreventable, then you will have the right to compensation under the law. Insurance companies cannot justly deny your claim if the fire damage was not your fault.

However, that doesn’t mean your insurance company won’t try to give you a lower settlement than what you deserve. Some insurance companies try to seek the lowest settlement possible with the hope that the policyholder won’t notice. But if you have a team of lawyers who understand the rights of policyholders as we do, then we can pressure your insurance company to pay the most compensation possible on your claim.

In addition, we’ll fight against unfair delays as well. When an insurance company realizes that they’re going to have to pay a substantial amount for a claim, they’ll try to delay the payment for as long as possible. There have been cases where insurance companies have delayed payments for as long as six months.

Final Words:

As a property owner with fire-damaged property, you don’t have time to wait that long to collect compensation. You need your compensation right away. The Louis Law Group will fight against denied claims, delayed claims, and low settlements. All new prospective clients will receive a free consultation on their fire damage claim case. Learn more updates on Fire Damage Claim Lawyer, feel free to get in updated with us.