Buying Guide – How to Choose Partitions for Your Office

polycarbonate plastic panels

Most companies prioritise workspace design because it improves productivity. Office partitions provide privacy for your team. If you are looking for acoustic partitions to help dampen the noise in your office, you need to know what qualities to look for so you can get value for your hard-earned money. Using these partitions is so much cheaper than creating separate rooms or building permanent walls. The flexibility that partitions offer means you can expand or redesign your space with ease. Read the following tips to help you buy the right partitions.

Read Up on the Company

Many companies sell different kinds of office partitions, but not all of them are equal in terms of reputation. Some companies have been in business for a long time. They have clout and prominence for manufacturing quality partitions that assure durability and longevity.

Take things up a notch by going the extra mile to research the companies. Start by perusing the official company website to verify its legitimacy. It would be a nightmare to hand your money to a “fly by night” company that doesn’t deliver the products. On top of that, check company ratings and read up on testimonials. After all, the best feedback comes from their past clients.

Pay Attention to the Materials Used

Depending on what you desire, take note of the materials used. If you want acoustic partitions to lessen the noise and distraction for your workers, then you want polycarbonate plastic panels because these dampen sound effectively. For a more durable office screen, select one that has an aluminium frame because these are sturdy and will not corrode easily.

If you are more concerned about modern aesthetics, then an opaque frosted panel will look sleek. This material also helps in keeping your surroundings light and bright. In the same token, wood also works in giving a more rustic and ethereal vibe. Just make sure that whatever partition you pick matches all the other elements in your room, like the furniture, carpet, and walls. These partition colours can be customised, too.

Consider Flexibility with Moving and Removal

Some companies want their partitions to be fixed on the ground. However, offices that are expanding may prefer partitions that can be readily dismounted. Some companies also have quick employee turnover. In this office scenario, it would be best to have movable partitions. Even the amount of space your office has will help you determine what kind of partition to buy.

Do note that some office dividers are even foldable with rollers on the floor because they are meant to be temporary. Evaluate what your company needs. If you want the pliability of changing the design of your room continually, choose portable, lightweight partitions that can be moved and folded.

Check the Height of the Product

Partitions come in a broad range of heights, so purchase based on what you need. Some are floor to ceiling, which completely seals an area by creating an illusion of a wall. This will be good for meetings or conferences that need total privacy.

On the other hand, some partition systems are only partial, so they don’t entirely block out the spaces you are dividing. If you want the light to penetrate efficiently, partial partitions are the answer. This also paves the way for your employees to collaborate easily because all they have to do is peek over the divider. Take these work situations into account when you are shopping for your partitions.

Final Word

Shopping for office partitions is not a daunting task. In fact, it can be fun to read different product specifications to see which one works best for your work environment. Just be cautious and carefully consider the elements mentioned above to ensure you get a durable office partition system that will make you and your team more productive.