How to check internet usage in Asianet broadband


Do you really know how to check internet usage in Asianet broadband? Of course, you are Asianet Broadband user and still using 500GB and 1000GB per month. After the era of the introduction of Jio, everything has gone changed. Obviously, 1GB/2GB data used per month individual user can’t able to focus on using 1GB/2GB per day. Telecom companies are bringing the best services to the users in all means. However, the Asianet Fiber facility really made an advanced feature to entire users in India. According to the user’s interest, Asianet broadband latest plans are changing.

Significance of checking Internet usage daily

Asianet cable and broadband combo plans are there, even single home plan, for office usage plan, likewise many. Not only a single user is to make use of with the internet connection at home or office. Each user might be using different software as per his/her interest. Suppose, you have applied the 500 GB monthly plan for your family. Well, the WIFI connection is using by you, your wife, your father, kids and anyone.

You might be using for just your basic surfing and collecting important data from Google or something. However, there were other might be surfing on streaming channels, likewise, people in your family are using in different ways. However, you might be confused that, you are unable to browse properly after a few days  – suppose at the end of the month. What you are going to do is, call the Asianet broadband customer care by dialling 80860 11111 or register a complaint. As the Asianet is opened for users for complaint registration via easily.

Check how to check internet usage in Asianet broadband online –

As I already mentioned that you got customer care for Asianet members and you are free to update any. The executives will make a call back in a few hours on the same day. What you need to do is, follow the below process to check the usage daily.

  • Connect to the Asianet technical team.
  • Ask for the IP for checking the online internet usage from your home.
  • Once you are providing with the IP address for checking at the same are where we feed URL, use it.
  • You will be taken to a new website and the website asks for the customer id and password.
  • You are already have connected with that as well as you may need to ask the individual password.
  • The executive will guide you in the proper way and you can reset the password as per the instruction tells by the executives.
  • Obviously, each individual is providing with individual broadband password corresponds to the customer ID [CA****].
  • Check the internet usage providing in a section with the date of usage. Likewise, you are now ready for checking your daily internet usage.

This will help you to find the advantages of maintaining Internet usage always. As there were enormous methods for limiting the internet usage to the devices that we are using. Well, I think, its far better, checking the internet usage daily and balancing with the support of family in unwanted usage. Furthermore, you can check the below for finding how to pay your Asianet broadband bills online.

How to pay the Asianet Broadband payment Online?

In order to process for the Asianet broadband bill payment, you need to know the customer ID. As every billing will be managing with customer ID in Alpha-Numeric format. Like, CA12345 providing with the users so is using the internet connection. In fact, every individual user whether in-home or office, is providing with Individual ID. In order to avoid confusions, every bill will reflect with the customer ID. You are advised to follow the below instruction for paying your Asianet Broadband bills online.

  • Go to the website payments.asianet. co. in and at the right side you can see as per the screenshot below.

Asianet bill payment

  • There is a Quick pay facility for Broadband and for Digital TV.
  • Click on the Quick pay underneath at the Broadband for paying your internet usage bills.
  • You will be taken to a new website and you can enter the card details from which you are going to pay.
  • You are done and will receive an email alert and even the ordinary message to your inbox.


Hope you got an idea on how to check internet usage in Asianet broadband. Likewise, got the idea for Asianet Bill payment online as well easily. Drop your ideas with us in the form of feedback and even doubts still concerning the same.