Is Riot Games Valorant the Next Big Thing? – Valorant Review


Are you looking for Valorant game review online? Too many games have already cut their teeth on Counter-Strike. The shooter veteran is still one of the most popular games after years. Interest in e-sports is still huge – hundreds of thousands regularly turn up in tournaments. With Valorant, however, a real challenger should now be in the starting blocks. The shooter from Riot Games should outperform the game and also become the next big thing in e-sports. Is that really the case, or is Valorant just one game out of many? The official Valorant release date has been set to 2nd June 2020.

Strong start thanks to brilliant marketing

In any case, the game cannot be certified as having a bad start. With a sophisticated marketing strategy, you got all the major streamers on board without paying them. Whoever tunes in will get access to the beta of the game sooner or later. At peak times, 1.7 million users were on Valorant streams. Where other publishers pay millions, thanks to cooperation with Twitch operator Amazon, Riot Games didn’t have to spend a cent. If you wanted the masses on your channel, you just had to broadcast the game. You can also check Gamestingr for more about Valorant.

With e-sports expertise for long-term success

In the near future, the initial interest should then gradually decrease – that much is certain. However, Riot Games should have the next trump up its sleeve: e-sports. With League of Legends, the US game maker has one of the most successful e-sports titles in its portfolio. Millions turn on at tournaments. At the World Cup 2020, 3.7 million spectators were at peak times in the West alone.

Free2Play provides masses of players

The competitive scene is, of course, fed by amateur users, which also binds it in the long term. Not to be neglected is the fact that Valorant is a Free2Play title. So the game can be used at any time without spending a single cent. In League of Legends, this has been proven. In principle, the game can be used free of charge – all content can also be unlocked. But if you want it faster, you can throw in money. In 2017, sales are said to have been $ 2.1 billion.

Low graphics requirements – “fair” network

What also speaks for the rapid spread and sustainable success is the fact that Valorant can basically be played on any PC. The minimum requirement for the shooter is very low, so you can use the game even with an old laptop. In contrast, there is an excellent network technology with which you want to stand out from the competition. The anti-cheating measures, some of which are aggressive, are also intended to eliminate the Cheat problem. In the competition, this is partly a constant cat-mouse game. Valorant beta version updates are running over the internet and fans are updating it.

Valorant is just beginning

As you know Riot Games, the current status of Valorant is just the beginning. The scope of the shooter is currently limited. There are currently ten agents with different abilities and three playing cards. The shooter will grow and change over time. This also ensures that players always want to come back and try the new content.

Conclusion – 

With Fortnite, Epic Games has already shown how important it is to keep releasing new content and tweaking it here and there. Stay tuned with us for more info on Valorant and Valorant game features updated by the experienced users. Besides, the updates on Valorant game download and other related information will soon catch with us.