Practical accountancy easier with Future Connect Training


Are you looking for best practical accountancy courses in Tax and VAT on Sage, Xero and in Quickbooks?  In addition, here is the biggest opportunity you will be getting now in Birmingham. Future Connect Training helping you to find specialized training in Practical Accountancy Training to individuals and corporate clients. The scope of training includes basic bookkeeping skills to more complex and advanced accounting and tax treatments.

To upgrade your skills to the next level one should finish this Tax Accounting Course immediately. If one wants to work as an Accountant in the Finance or Tax Department or an established Accountancy Company it is crucial that one should know to prepare accounts for the firm and acknowledge them to the valid places. The course is perfect for new and old candidates. FCT aims to cover the individual taxes, corporate taxes and other related business taxes through this course. In learning the taxation, we need many accounting software as well, the software plays an important part in daily working and automates the process. You will also be exposed to software like Sage, Sage payroll and Xero.

  1. What is Tax Accounting?
  2. What is the course Syllabus?
  3. Course availability
  4. CPD training for Accountants
  5. Why is this course popular?
  6. Tutor Support
  7. How is it assessed?
  8. Certification
  9. Fee structure

1. What is Tax Accounting?

Generating Tax Assets and Liabilities in the accounting reports of a company or an individual is referred to as Tax Accounting. The term Tax Accounting is not derived from any of the accounting frameworks like GAAP or IFRS but it is taken from IRC i.e. Internal Revenue Code. Taxable income varies from the income figure which is generated in Tax Accounting on an entity’s income statement. Tax accounting aims at the groundwork, categorization and conditions of tax returns and tax payments. The training is delivered by qualified staff. Most of them have ACCA qualifications with vast industry experience.

2. What is the course syllabus?

The training is delivered as part of Practical Accountancy program on Accounting Software including Sage, Xero and Quickbooks.

  • Analyzing concerns to establish a UK Firm
  • Analyzing Authoritative concerns for Firms
  • Installing to Manage Confirmation Statement
  • Classifying the Brand of Company based on volume
  • Analyzing elements and categories of different Submissions applicable
  • Analyzing basic concerns in a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account
  • Analyzing Tax Return duration and time Limit
  • Analyzing Penalties for Slow Registering
  • Analyzing Shutting Out measures for Firms
  • Opening up to the Filing Company Scheme
  • Firm house Objectives and Agreements
  • Familiarizing with IXBRL demands
  • Familiarizing submission measures using HMRC Online CT600(Web filing)
  • Understanding accounts submission on real company

3. Tax Courses Availability

Because the demand for VAT Tax Accounting Courses is increasing day by day Most of the Sessions are conducted throughout the year, Contact the Administration to get more about the intake of Tax Accounting Courses in the UK.

4. CPD Training for Accountants

Candidates who are in the Course are also eligible for CPD points/hours. However, you could also earn 6 points/hours. For Accountants who are doing the Course, CPD Training is most demanded in recent days.

5. Why is this Course is Popular?

After completing the course candidate gets proficiency in submitting Corporate Tax Return and also the operations concerned in it.

  • After acquiring this skill, you can offer this as a benefit to capable firm clients and also earn £25k
  • If you are the employer of a business you can proceed to start your own Business Tax Return and Accounts, then invest more on others which can make more money from Profits of the firm each year.
  • If you are looking for a role in the Accounting or Tax Industry, with acquiring the skill in Business Accounting and Tax processes you will hold Uniqueness and will be ahead of others which are an advantage to catch the opportunity.

6. Tutor Support

Future Connect Training provides sessions on a regular basis.


  • A unique scheduled meeting with face to face classes led by an instructor.
  • Classes at set periods of the day.
  • Helps to access our online learning resources.
  • Workbooks for training Activities.

Based on the learner’s requirement time slots can also be adjusted accordingly with interacting the necessary time schedule to the tutor. Flexibility is the key between the learner and tutor to build up the rapport for exploring in the next level of learning.

7 How will you be assessed?

  • Online Assignment:

Online Assignments accessed via IAB-Online and even an open-book. Furthermore, these are performed in a classroom or at home and are short case study type questions with different tasks for all specific case studies. Even though, I have found Accounting Homework Assistance is beneficial and that will be great.

  • Grading
  1. Knowledge Test – 70%
  2. Assignments – 70%

On completion of each of the necessary units, the apprentice will be awarded a Pass in the group completed.

8 Certification

Obviously, the learner will receive the following different certificate benefits on finishing the Tax Accounting. After completing the course the learner will attain the below content which will help them to aim higher in their upcoming career.

  • A certificate will be allotted to the learner confirming that they have demonstrated competence in the training outcomes and assessment criteria in each of the subjects making up the qualification.
  • The certificate will recognize the learner by name and will involve the full title and accreditation number of the requirement.
  • Learners who do not achieve the comprehensive education may request a Unit Certificate of Completion for any of the individual units they complete.

9. Fee Structure

Applicants are required to fill out the fee structure and for other queries candidates can enquire at the admission office by visiting the official website. Likewise, all course fees are inclusive of VAT and the Interested candidate can join the course as part of Total Accounting Training Package or also only Total Taxation Training.