WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Prediction


Are you looking for WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Prediction? The world-famous wrestling event match prediction for the 2020 Money in the Bank is with us. Of Course, for the first time, the less number of supporters inside the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore. RAW and SmackDown superstars preparing the day of Main Event before the Extreme Rules 2020. Due to COVID 19 issue, the fans will have to face restriction for this WWE Money in the Bank event. However, the Live streaming TV shows and the results will be updated accordingly.

WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Match Prediction

The SmackDown and RAW event for the main event of Money in the Bank 2020 follows the 6 matches. Of Course, in 2019, you might be found with double the matches have taken place. This year with all respect WWE made the event to find the best for the public.

  • Nia Jax vs Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Carmella vs Nia Jax vs Dana Brooke vs. Lacey Evans 

The support of fans as per the voting and prediction unveils Nia Jax has the chance of winning. However, its a group match and for sure the opponents will be locking Nia Jax at the earliest. Asuka is tricky in these kinds of matches and prediction goes with Asuka will be Money in the Bank ladder match 2020 women’s champion.

  • The New Day vs. The Miz and John Morrison vs. The Forgotten Sons vs. Lucha House Party

Main events of all time The New Day made memories in the heart of their fans. However, this time opponent is quite tricky and the prediction if between 2 teams, I can say, The New Day remains the champ. But, here the story could be different and however, it can’t be predicted.

  • AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio vs. King Corbin vs. Otis vs. Aleister Black

King Corbin – Rey and AJ Styles – Daniel Bryan have performed best in the Money in the Bank matches before. The supporters do encourages these 4 superstars at the best. Who faces the world champion in the upcoming days at any moment? Daniel Bryan or King Corbin or Rey or AJ or Otis or Aleister? As per my prediction, obviously the Rey Mysterio will be the new champ to qualify for the world championship.

  • Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins

Main events of all time, Seth Rollins proved their brilliance and this WWE Championship is a turning point in his career. Huge fans for both the superstars and on the other hand, Drew McIntyre needs to survive as the champion for long. As per my point of view, WWE Championship at this event, Drew McIntyre step away from the ring by staying the champion.

  • Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt

Like as everyone, I do support Braun Strowman, in my point of view, Braun Strowman is looking to hold the championship till Summerslam 2020. Of Course, Braun Strowman is the predicted champion of this event.

  • Bayley vs. Tamina

Likewise, the Tamina, Bayley has a strong attitude to remain as champion and Tamina need to be the new champ. However, this show will be super exciting if there is a huge crowd. As the Bayley is a people’s champ and that sounds hard to stay remain Bayley to step out the ring as the champ. The prediction goes with Tamina and for sure, Bayley retains the title in the rematch or in the upcoming event.


Stay tuned for the WWE Money in the Bank 2020 results updates and Live streaming updates. I think you got many interesting facts on WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Prediction. Stay updated for the WWE Money in the Bank 2020 matches.