7 Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Website


Are you looking forward to how to speed up WordPress site? WordPress is one of the top Content Management Sites available. It has a sophisticated database system and plugin attached to it, to increase the functionality. Despite being used highly in terms of numbers, the speed of the site is sluggish. These are the 7 top tips to speed up your WordPress website.

Hosts matter a lot when you want to upload content on an everyday basis, choose the right host. Shared hosting doesn’t work well for websites with heavy content. When hosting is not fine, the speed reduces significantly. The speed of the site is directly proportional to the conversion rate. When you choose the best WordPress hosting in India, the speed of your site doubles up. Also, these best hosting services providers assure good customer services.

Tips on How to speed up WordPress site

Any query placed forth by the customer is genuinely satisfied by these hosting services providers. Hosting also is a significant part when the traffic is high and secured data transmission is a priority. Premium business services are provided by the hosting services providers as well for a certain amount. 

  • Use proper theme 

The theme of the site facilitates the addition of extensions and plugins. The lighter theme is easy to load and can even load with low internet speed. Also, the theme is the attractive feature of the site. So, choose wisely. 

  • Declutter 

Clear the database often. There is no use in keeping the spams and other kinds of data that only use up a lot of space and have no use in later times. 

  • Image Optimization

When you are using heavy sized images on your site, the speed reduces significantly. There are certain plug-ins when used in the site compresses the files uploaded on to the site and makes it work effectively. Also, you can change the file extension of the image file uploaded and use it on the site. There is remarkable software to compress the size of the image without having to compromise on the quality. You can make use of it. When using the plug-in on the site, make sure to check the site using the plug-in performance profile, better known as PPP. This checks the kind of effect the plug-ins have on the site. 

  • Cache

Cache means to store your data in the client computer in the form of cookies or other forms of data packets. At the same time, the data of the users who visit your site repeatedly get stored on the site as well. This is done to quickly load the pages the user visits on the site often. This is not done to intrude privacy but to make sure the pages load fast. The build-up of huge cache data on your system leads to the slow operation of the system. You need to use some software to clear up the excess cache that gets stored on your computer. 

  • Content Delivery Network 

Instead of storing all your data in a single server, you can spread it across the different servers located at different strategic locations. By doing this, you can manage heavy data with much ease. Also, you can reduce the spending on the maintenance of databases. 

  • Test website speed

The speed of the website is tested by making use of certain software. It can suggest to you the faults that weaken the working of your site. 

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These are the 7 best methods that can help you speed up your website. They are cheap and cost-effective. They don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Anyone with zero background in technical expertise can make use of the tips provided above. Even if you contact a technical professional, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your WordPress site work faster. For more idea on how to speed up a WordPress site, stay updated with us.