Top 5 benefits of using Social Media Marketing


Are you looking for the benefits of Social Media Marketing? Get ready to get surprised with the top 5 benefits that Quintdaily team prepared on this aspect. Obviously, you guys are always being connected through social media in all means. Well, do you really know the real advantage of these social media and how the Digital Marketers are taking advantages of this? Check out some of the facts that we want to let you know about this.

1. Little effort with a large range

Social media marketing helping companies build a community with customers and prospects. And compared to online advertising with Google AdWords, advertising on social networks can be more sustainable:

  • Even a small and well-planned campaign on Facebook can mean 100 new fans.
  • You can present your users with new products regularly – and not once.

This is not a purchase guarantee, but the range is growing steadily. A classic Google AdWords campaign, on the other hand, leads to a short-term increase in visitor numbers. As a matter of fact, the long-term effectiveness is often less. Use the possibilities and build a community – enthusiastic customers will even share your products and recommend them to friends.

2. Use social media for better customer support

The communication options of the social media platforms can be used excellently for customer support: answer questions from customers quickly and in a friendly manner, they are satisfied and often thank you with a “like” or share the content, which further increases the reach clear advantage over a classic hotline.
Today, support in social networks is already part of everyday life for many companies: Deutsche Bahn and Telekom, for example, have departments for customer support via social networks.

The exchange with the community offers good opportunities to present yourself publicly in a customer-friendly and customer-oriented manner.

3. Recommendations promote sales enormously

In 2014, Harris Interactive conducted a social media marketing survey for the Webby Awards.
The result: 68 per cent of the surveyed users aged 18-34 are more interested in products that friends recommend via social media platforms.  However, Recommendations and shared content automatically propagate – ideal for all advertisers.

Customers communicate with you and about your company through hashtags and comments, blogs are filled and links to your social media pages are inserted. There are many organizations who are working with the aim of increasing your business by giving it a boost from Social Media. Besides, as these days it is one of the most valuable sources of marketing. You can easily consult SMM panel for such purposes.

4. Use possible viral effects

Social media users prefer to share quotes, pictures, and videos. Use that in your favour. With the right advertising, a viral marketing effect can be created – a dream for all advertisers.

The effect – Your company puts a new post on its page, whereupon your community interacts by liking, sharing, and commenting. Moreover, Friends of users will be seeing this and may like, comment, or share the post – huge potential to increase your reach.

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5. Use social media for social recruiting

The shortage of skilled workers is a challenge for many companies. You have to prevail against competitors. Besides, a good image and a presence on social media can help. Not only potential customers but also potential new employees use social networks, which is why the publication of job advertisements on the platforms offers itself. Furthermore, with this modern way of personnel marketing, you are guaranteed to inspire qualified specialists for your company.