How to write a cover letter – A Quick guide


Are you wondering how to write a cover letter? The letter of application always has a subject. It is usually bolded as the only part of the text. In the past, the first word in the subject line was “Subject” – this is now considered outdated. In the subject of the cover letter, you only write the exact position to which you are applying, if specified with a reference number.

The salutation follows after the subject. Contact persons are mentioned in many job offers, mostly employees from the HR department.

How to write a cover letter easily?

Follow some idea while writing cover letter for a job, How to write a cover letter for an internship and for other resume application purposes with a simple guide below


The introduction is now primarily about arousing interest. The introduction in the cover letter should not be longer than three to four lines. It is much more individual if you bring in your qualifications from your studies, work experience, or internships in the first sentence of your cover letter.

Or you start with a short question that fits the job and the industry

Are you looking for someone with an interest in dealing with people and experience in personnel development?

What makes good content and how do you get readers excited about a product? I will get to the bottom of these questions in the internship in the online editorial department at XYZ.

It is also a good start to refer to a telephone conversation with HR managers that have already taken place if you have already called. It couldn’t be more personal.

Convince in the main part with soft skills and motivation

If you have your introduction in the box, the main part of your letter follows in detail why you are perfect for the position. It is important here to go through the advertised job advertisement carefully. In the field “Requirements” or “Bring what you bring” it is listed which skills are required. You can also get your cover letters written from Resume and cover letter writers.

Hard skills

Take out these points and write a key point for each claim, how you can substantiate them with your experience and qualifications.


You can then formulate these key points for the cover letter: “During my three-month stay abroad in Canada, I was not only able to gain experience in another culture, but also to improve my spoken and written English skills by taking part in school lessons.”

If you are not sure about this, you can read our article on language skills for applications on how to best indicate them. If you are in India, it would be altered, and how to consider another example of Resume writing, the Resume writing services in India will be notable for this concern.

Soft skills

In addition, so-called soft skills are still required at the end of the job advertisement. You should also address these in key points and prove them through longer stays abroad (study, internship, work & travel), honorary posts, awards, hobbies, special talents, and extraordinary experiences.

Last Paragraph

The last paragraph of the cover letter provides additional information, e.g. B. the earliest possible start date or the desired salary, if this is required in the job advertisement.


This is how your cover letter ends.

Your cover letter ideally ends with your signature between the greeting “With kind regards” and your typed name (first and last name).

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Conclusion –

Hope you may find an amazing idea on How to write a cover letter for a job, internship and more. Stay updated with more educational ideas here with us.