Latest business trends on Instagram in 2020

business trends on Instagram

Are you looking for the best business trends on Instagram in 2020? Marketing trends have changed entirely on Instagram and for the betterment, of course. Previously, Instagram marketing was only restricted to branded content and posts. But, those are the stories of the past as now it is all about influencer marketing. With the brand new Stories feature added in the list, brands thought of running a separate format to grow their businesses. You can post anything as Stories, and it stays for 24 hours max. Later, to advance this mode, Instagram added the IGTV mode, where you get to post hour-long vertical videos and enjoy more marketing.

There are so many new business trends that Instagram has in store for you. Going through some of them surely helps you to understand why people are more into this social networking site for their branding value.

Introducing the world of Instagram shopping

Much like Facebook and other social media sites, Instagram is your one-stop platform for online selling. The best part is that this platform is not just restricted to the brands, which used to add “buy links” directly to their products. Now, Instagram has a separate online selling community, which works on this platform.

  • The visuals of Instagram make it rather simple for brands to display their items. Additionally, the social networking aspect makes it rather easy to create a connection between buyers and sellers.
  • Even though “shoppable posts” have a separate fan base, but Instagram selling platform is rightfully outsmarting that technique.
  • Now, businesses can easily add links in their IG stories and gain more customers towards their side.

The all-new feature of hidden links for a visual shift in content

There is going to be a massive shift in the visuals in 2020. Now, the posts get to move carefully towards less-produced and relatable content, even videos. The “no edit” trend was pretty huge in 2019, and it has moved towards 2020 as well. Here, photos were inspired to be posted with minimal edits for an organic look. Brands have already adapted this look and, so far, quite happy with the business progress.

  • However, there is going to be a dramatic shift in visuals with the “hidden likes” option. This is now available in its testing period, and Instagram has already applied it in seven countries, like Australia, Canada, and more.
  • The main goal is to address some of the unwanted growing mental concerns among teens. But, it has a brighter side for the marketers as well. Now, with little self-consciousness working, people get to post more photos and videos to their feeds.
  • More feeds now equal to the higher client base and better profits in the end. So, this “hidden likes” feature is going to help out the business world pretty well. You can try out the 10 free Instagram likes trial as well which is trending now.

Analytic results show that IG passes FB’s spent time

As per the recent statistics and analytic reports, Instagram is going to pass Facebook, especially among young adults. These adults are now spending less time on Facebook, which has given rise to a time low of 33 minutes daily. However, this lower time limit has mutually benefitted the world of Instagram.

  • Facebook can entirely rely on Instagram as its loyal entity and retain its followers.
  • Right from the start, it was pretty clear that Instagram is a massive hit among youngsters, which led FB to purchase it in 2012. Right now, it is expected that the time spent on this social media platform can easily surpass Facebook, especially among users between the age group of 18 and 24 years in 2020.
  • Instagram was adopted by older users slowly. But things have changed over the past couple of years. Now, demographics show that around 23% of the older community, within the age bracket of 50 to 64, is now using Instagram.

Time to expect some more stories

Instagram Stories have been a life-saver for businesses. However, this trend is nowhere to go and now increases its size in 2020. The present count indicates that 500 million users are posting IG stories daily and made it a popular content type. This is proven to be one fast and authentic way to engage your buyers and get your brands out in the market. This method encourages your loyal followers to check your content regularly.

IG stories happen to boost user engagement, through polls. It helps you to engage the inputs provided by followers, and create more such stories shortly. So, to let your business grow, make sure to dedicatedly concentrate on IG Stories and how you can use it towards your business goals.

Why rely on Instagram for brand growth?

Going through the statistics portray that Instagram has a good hold over online business. But, you must be wondering if it is possible to rely on Instagram for brand growth. Well, the answer is yes, and there are some good reasons behind that.

  • As per one report from TechCrunch, IG launched the famous Reels in Brazil. This music and video remix feature helps to make shorter video clips, which can later be shared on IG Stories.
  • Now, users have more control over accurate data, which they get to share with third-parties.
  • With hidden likes, Instagram removes the like counts and encourage more people to post content.
  • Instagram has also reduced inauthentic activities in its place by purging the fake engagements.

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Other social media marketing trends

Even though Instagram is leading right at the top, there are some other social media marketing trends that you need to be aware of. For example, TikTok is here and gets to continue its rise even in 2020. Moreover, video content is here to stay for long and give your brand a boost it needs.

You can even try exploring niche marketing, which adds new limelight to your business. No matter whatever platform you are in, make sure to learn about it in detail before working on its business-centric part. Stay tuned for the all-new business trends on Instagram in 2020 with us in the upcoming updates.